SEO – Search Engine Optimization Vs. Design

by | Sep 14, 2011

We know that there are a lot of things in this world that go together better than others.  What about SEO and website design?tulsa seo vs. website design Common sense would put the two together in an iconic relationship that saves sinking businesses – but surprisingly enough there are a lot of web designers and design studios that are divided.  In one camp you have those deeply devoted to affordable search engine optimization.  On the other hand there are those who are merely passionate about their craft and focus on delivering the most beautiful and functional website they can muster.

For businesses to succeed, especially where SEO is concerned, you need to erase that fine line between those SEO tactics and the intelligent design that will inspire magnetic attraction with your visitors.

The Need for Effective SEO

Consider the SEO side of things.  When you launch your business and get it online, what good is the website if no one can find you?  Are you really content to skip the SEO for your business and rely on a half dozen regular customers to keep you afloat?  If you work with a  SEO firm, you have a greater chance of expanding your audience which always offers up the opportunity to earn more money.

The Case for a Beautiful Design

SEO aside, you’re a business owner first and foremost.  That means making your business a commercial success.  SEO can get you there but you also want your site to be something you’re proud of.  Your website design should not only be optimized to improve local visibility but it should be attractive and engaging in order to hold the interest of people who stop there.

Combining SEO with Powerful Web Design

When you look at it from both perspectives, it’s really not hard to bring the two together.  You just need to plan strategically.  It doesn’t matter if your site is extremely detailed and beautiful or simple and elegant, SEO can be implemented with any basic sight to work from – and it can produce amazing results.

The greatest benefits involved are not only in the visibility that comes from strategic SEO but also in the fact that quality content combined with an effective and attractive design produces outstanding conversion rates among your customers.  Not only will they easily find you, but they’ll be far more likely to stop and purchase from you as well.

Contact us today if your ready to drive your website in a new direction.  With quality content and a powerful, professional design you can bet your competitors will wonder where you came from.  Contact Tulsa Internet Marketing today for a free consult and let us show you proof in the results.