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Who would have thought that a global pandemic would rock 2020? Just four short months ago, life was plugging along as usual, and businesses were implementing their 2020 marketing strategy to reach their yearly goals. But then, all of a sudden, COVID-19 had us hunkered down in our homes, just trying to figure out how […]

You’ve heard it before: “Content is king.” And while other new marketing techniques may have your attention, content marketing is still a big player in bringing in customers and establishing credibility in your industry. Below, we’re going to talk about 6 reasons to include content marketing in your strategy. Let’s get straight to it. #1 […]

In traditional retail sales, point-of-sale (POS) marketing, or point-of-purchase marketing, is when you place related, often lower-priced items close to the register where the customer will make his or her purchase. As they shop, customers can quickly peruse these items and decide whether to add one or more to their purchase. And it works! Just […]

The script is written, graphics are designed, music is chosen, filming is complete, and editing is done. Time to hit publish on your shiny new video and watch the views roll in! And then…crickets. Video content takes more time and energy than almost any other type. So watching those views sit at a standstill day […]

At first, we hoped the impact of the coronavirus would be a few weeks of lockdown followed by a joyous reopening. Then as the weeks dragged on, we hoped that it would just be a few short months. Now, we’re all realizing that life is going to look different for longer than any of us […]

Some marketers focus the majority of their efforts on keyword research and content creation. And while those are certainly important pieces to the content marketing puzzle, they’re not the entire puzzle. You can write post after post of perfectly optimized content, but unless other sources are leading people to that content, your site won’t succeed […]

You had a marketing plan all set to go for Q2. Maybe it was focused on summer fun, like travel and sports. Then March hit, and the whole thing had to be thrown out the window. Where do you go from here? This pandemic won’t go away overnight, letting us all pick up where we […]

No doubt, your business has some sort of social media presence. And, hopefully, you’re using it to rake in leads like nobody’s business. But if you’re struggling in the lead department, or if you just want more paying customers (always a good goal), you can implement the following 5 ways to optimize your social profiles […]

Times are tough, but there are ways to mitigate the impact on your business. As you read this, I’m sure you are currently considering — or already have considered — the various ways that an economic downturn could affect your business, and what marketing strategies can keep you competitive. No matter how difficult it may […]

A large majority of your audience is probably attached — more than they want to admit — to their phones. So, as you seek to drive more sales, you’ve got to meet your customers where they are. Sending out engaging text messages is one of the latest ways to increase your numbers, but you’ve got […]