What Link Building Can Do For Online Marketing Strategies

by | Nov 27, 2015

There is a lot of work that goes into marketing than many people notice. There are various methods of promoting a company, but some of these methods have been overlooked with the rise of other marketing trends. Link building, for instance, seems to have lost the media hype it used to get. But, it is still as vital as ever.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

Search engines really are a valuable technique to gain backlinks to your site. 90 percent of traffic originating from Google comes from the first page, so it is vital that you understand this strategy.

Link building is when you get good quality backlinks that lead to your website, which makes it an important aspect of search engine optimization. When search engines see more quality backlinks visiting your site, they understand that you are operating a quality site.

In the end, this helps you progress up the rankings and raises your exposure.

Targeting the Right Traffic

Proper link building specializes in a target audience. For instance, a salon may strive to establish backlinks from modeling and photography pages to draw in new clients. Getting this type of targeted traffic is exactly what will increase your sales.

In It For The Long Haul

A newspaper or television ad will cease to reach people when you stop paying for it. But, once you have a backlink on a page it will remain there unless the page owner physically goes in and removes it. While newer links improve search engine optimization, even links on older pages help your SEO.

Most digital marketing strategies are aimed squarely on search engine optimization. Remember to be focused on all areas, including link building, so you can keep your site essential.

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