SEO – Building Leads from Trending Topics

by | Dec 6, 2011

Riding the wave of trending topics is an excellent way to supplement your SEO campaign.  If done properly you can easily gaintulsa seo trending topics more links and more traffic to your site as people search for news-related content to curate for their own sites.  With a small number of resources you can stop agonizing over finding topics and use what the world is already producing.  The best benefit in addition to the links and SEO value is that the topics are free and other people are going to drive the sharing for you.

So how do you leverage trending topics for your Tulsa SEO?

Tulsa SEO with Trending Topics – Watching Your Space

There are a number of resources I’ll provide a little later in this post to help you stay on top of trending topics and news relevant to your industry.  You need to use these resources as well as your savvy of the web in order to follow the rise and fall of news topics.  Not everything will be useful, so look for a story or an issue that’s suddenly gaining a spike of interest with some relevancy to your business, products, services, audience, etc.

Tulsa SEO with Trending Topics – Choosing the Right Piece

You need to be a critical thinker when it comes to choosing topics.  What you might think is relevant to your business might not be relevant to your audience.  If it is relevant to your audience you have to consider whether or not it’s interesting, entertaining or provides value.  Value is the most important thing because that’s what will generate social sharing, build links for your SEO, improve buzz around your post and drive traffic back to you,

If you don’t mind bean counting, you can monitor topics through sites like Twitter to see how topics begin to grow or use Google trends to see what people are searching for.

Tulsa SEO with Trending Topics – Writing the Content

It always comes back to writing the content for some business owners, and they just can’t find the time or the fingers won’t do it.  You have to put your best foot forward on this because low quality content on even the most wild of viral topics won’t get any attention.  Think about the background of the topic, what value the topic provides, what take away you want to give, how it ties into your business and what angle you can put to it.  However you write it, the key is to create the best piece that a lot of people will want to read and link to.  Those links will be what drives your Tulsa SEO campaign.

Tulsa SEO with Trending Topics – Adding the SEO Layer

Once you’ve written the piece, this is when you go back and add that special SEO magic.  Find keywords you can leverage for that piece and insert them where they fit naturally.  Link back to your landing page and include some offsite links to support your piece, effectively turning your content into a hub.

Tulsa SEO with Trending Topics – Start Promoting

Once the content is live, it’s time to start promoting your Tulsa SEO campaign, including that new content.  Use social bookmarking sites, groups, social media and other places where your audience typically lingers online.  Find places such as news sites where people are discussing the topic and try to get a link in.  You don’t need to engage hundreds of sites – just get a few good links and watch the traffic start to climb.

Tools for Trending Topics to help with your Tulsa SEO

There are a lot of great tools out there, and some are more appropriate than others depending on the industry you’re in and your business model.  Have a look and see what works for you.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a nice visual tool showing trending data around the world.  It’s a great tool, like others, to supplement your manual search for trending topics.  Put it to best use by examining spikes in popularity on given topics.

SEOMoz Popular Pages

SEOMoz has provided us with a lot of tools in the online marketing sphere, and this is one of my favorites.  You can get your hands a list of the most popular search terms and, even if they don’t necessarily apply to you, it’s a great way to see what people are searching for.  You might even find your next niche this way.

News Timeline

This is a great tool for social media engagement.  This tool organizes news and information into a calendar that is searchable, showing you all the trending topics for your search terms.

Google Insights

This tool shows you the rising searches for whatever keyword you input, which Google trends lacks.  Think of Insight like the crystal ball of trends, showing you what’s coming up as opposed to what is already popular.  You don’t get search numbers but you can compare timelines to see the rise in traffic.


Trendistic is a trending tool for twitter that allows you to enter keywords relevant to your industry and get back data on tweets for 24 hours, 7 days or up to 30 days.

Blog Pulse Trend Search

The Blog Pulse tool allows you to compare multiple phrases and specify date ranges over sales months.


This tool creates a useful cloud displaying the trending topics on Twitter.