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by | Nov 20, 2011

A lot of local businesses are looking for search engine optimization (SEO) help.

They have a website and when people search for them on the internet, they are not on the first page of the search results.  This is bad, everybody knows very few people get as far as the second page. If you are not on that first page, you may as well not exist.

If you have this problem, then you need to get an expert to fix it.

A good SEO expert will be able to go through the content of your page and recommend the changes that you need.

Each page should be targeted to a particular phrase that your customer is using in the search engines. (Called a keyword even though it may have more than one word in it.)  Google Places page is used for about 70% of internet searches and they have a software tool that reports on what keywords are being searched on and how often. Once you know the popular search phrases, then you can create pages to capture these searchers.

Google and the other search engines have criteria that they rank sites on. Your SEO expert will know what these are. Things like having the keyword in the title and having at least one instance of it in bold text another underlined and a third in italics.

Google can read text but is blind to photographs, therefore photos need alt text to let Google know what the picture is about.

To rank highly in the search engines you need other sites recommending your site.  This is done by websites linking to one another. The search engines give different weight to links from different sources. The SEO expert you use will know what links are currently getting the most love from the search engines.

You want the most cost effective Tulsa search engine optimization strategy that you can get.

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