The Real Benefits of SEO

by | Sep 19, 2011

SEO can be the juice that helps a manager brand swing for the fence and finally get the visibility they deserve.

In the massive national or global marketplace, a properly optimized website could make or break online marketing efforts so those efforts are vital.

As a small business owner you might have heard about SEO, and you’ve likely been pitched by others regarding the need for it, but do you really understand the real benefits and value of SEO for your business?  Take a look at these benefits:

SEO Will Attract Local Customers

When people are searching for a product or service they typically want a local offering.   In fact on average, 80% of searches through Google are for local business.  For consumers, that local query is necessary for limited distance local services, and ordering products online can create a delay due to shipping.  With SEO, you’re not only optimizing your site for location based keywords but you’re optimizing specifically for the people who want what you’re offering.  Instead of optimizing for a broad term like “dentist” you can focus on something like “Dentist in Detroit”.

SEO Increases Awareness

When people are more aware of your business, they’re more likely to stop when there’s a need.  Conversely, if they aren’t aware of you at all there is no chance of that customer every finding you.  SEO ensures that your website moves up in the search results for specific, targeted keywords.  The more you appear for relevant search terms, the greater your exposure.  Mix in review sites and Google place pages and you’ll greatly improve your search presence and the overall awareness of your business.

SEO Can Reduce Your Marketing Overhead

You can’t stop marketing – a company who stops marketing to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.  Unfortunately the costs of marketing, especially in traditional formats, can be costly for small business owners.  SEO can help alleviate a lot of those costs.  Not only will the optimization for targeted keywords improve your overall visibility, but when your content matches keywords used in things like paid search and PPC campaigns, the relevancy match can actually reduce your cost per impression or click.

Overall, you can expect more traffic from the web and have less reliance on more traditional marketing methods.

Consistency is Key

No matter what you do, be it traditional marketing, paid marketing or organic SEO you need to realize that success will come from a consistently executed strategy.  An on-again off-again SEO campaign won’t bring you anywhere near the same results.  Search results are fickle, and in a competitive marketplace they can change rapidly – especially on a local level.

If you need help maintaining  your campaign for great SEO, then talk with us about how to improve your visibility.  We can review the benefits, show you where to make changes and jumpstart your online presence.  Click to contact us at Tulsa Internet Marketing today.