Fixing the Most Common Social Media Marketing Problems

by | Oct 17, 2011

According to a recent study by Russel Herder and Ethos Business Law on social media marketing, 14% of executives are unsure of social social media marketingmedia, yet more than 70% are expecting to increase their budget for spending on social media marketing.  Does this sound at all like your business?

It’s not uncommon for business owners to want to get involved in social media marketing because it’s “the in thing” and there are a lot of people preaching its use.  The problem is that many business owners don’t come at it with the right strategy in mind.  Without a clear understanding of what social media is and how to use it, you can expect to come up against a lot of obstacles and barriers in social media marketing.  Here are 7 of the most common social media problems and how to fix them.

Social Media Marketing Problem #1 – Shooting From the Hip

There are a lot of companies out there who dive into social media marketing without first understanding the who, the what, where, why, etc.  Before you can try to aim at and hit your target audience you first need to know the about, mainly who they are, where they hang out and what they want to hear.  Setup a listening post within your social channels.  Before you engage in social media marketing you should first engage in social media monitoring.

Social Media Marketing Problem #2 – Unsure of Ownership

The larger the organization, the more people can be involved in social media marketing.  When size dictates the need for input coming from multiple departments, a failure to have accountability can lead to problems in content and publishing consistency, or worse.  For successful social media marketing, it’s important to establish goals as well as responsibilities for those involved.

For a smaller local company doing internet marketing, that might only be a single individual.  In a larger global company the social media marketing team might be a dozen strong.  With goals and accountability in place your team can cross-pollinate and leverage their combined efforts while avoiding conflicting representation of your brand.

Social Media Marketing Problem #3 – Inconsistent Engagement

Companies and small business owners need to be consistent in their participation.  When you don’t regularly engage your audience then it becomes easy to forget about you and your brand – especially when a competitor is marketing in your stead.  That means regular social engagement as well posting to your blog.  If you have difficulty being consistent then set aside resources, plan who will create your content, monitor that content and use it drive engagement.  If you’re shy on content, then create efficient methods to repurpose old content and put spins on hot topics or FAQ’s.

Social Media Marketing Problem #4 – Lacking Confidence

When you’re involved in social media marketing you have to come from a position of confidence.  Believing that people will listen to you and find value in what you offer requires confidence.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re “right” or “wrong” because it’s often a matter of perspective.  What does matter is that you’re passionate.  When you display passion in your social media marketing then you show leadership and conviction.  Your audience will love that.

Social Media Marketing Problem #5 – The Digital Derp

If you want to find success in social media marketing then you need to understand social media.  Recognize that companies don’t “do social”.  Compares “are social”.  That means you have to participate.  Want proof that participation is necessary?

91% of buyers/consumers read blogs, watch user generated video, and participate in other social media while planning to make a purchase. There’s a lot of opportunity to polish your brand and stand out among competitors using content marketing.

Social Media Marketing Problem #6 – Letting Data Hold You Back

The data you’ve compiled through research, listening and analytics should help drive decisions but you should never let it get in the way of creative ideas.  A lot of great marketing strategies were based on creative flow and not on user data or demographics.  Use your data but trust in your experience as well as creative passions to connect with your audience.

Social Media Marketing Problem #7 – Lacking Personalization

You need to use real people in your social media marketing and those people need to be passionate about your business.  If you outsource your social media marketing then make sure you work with someone who can accurately portray the image you’re looking for.  People want to do business with other people so your social media marketing need to display personality that is fun, approachable and easy to engage.  Remember that social is all about forming relationships, and when you have a relationship you always need to give more than you get.

Don’t let a few hurdles prevent your business from staying involved in social media.  If you need consulting, guidance or creative minds to back your social media marketing then contact us today at Tulsa Internet Marketing.