Social Media Marketing – Benefits of Creating a Custom Facebook Page

by | Nov 23, 2011

Small businesses often spend thousands of dollars on branding and marketing to create the perfect image.  What’s social media marketingstartling is that so many of those very same business owners are willing to jump into social media marketing on Facebook without the same type of devotion to image.

Facebook has more than 800 million members and continues to grow.  Not every one of those members is a potential customer, especially if you’re a local business owner, but those members of your audience that are within your digital reach should see you the same way you present in more traditional marketing.

Since social media marketing available with a $0 price tag it makes sense to utilize every aspect.  Don’t just be content with a logo in the top left corner, and never be satisfied that people who come to your page land on your update wall.  If you haven’t considered a custom landing page for traffic, check out the benefits.

Social Media Marketing – Gain More Likes With Custom Facebook Pages

There’s no guarantee when you send traffic to your Facebook page that you’re going to get a “like” out of it.  if you drop someone on your Facebook Wall there’s actually a good chance they’ll get distracted by other things and never click the “like” button.  If you have a custom landing page in place for your social media marketing you’ll have a special greeting, promo, or other offer with a very strong call to action directing them to “like” your page for access.

Social Media Marketing – Inspire Interaction on Facebook

Social media marketing is all about relationships and engagement.  When you create a custom landing page designed for your target audience it creates a special handshake within Facebook that feels personal.  Those who visit your page will feel like you know them, understand them and that you’re welcoming them personally.

That personal touch can improve credibility and trust, making people more open to discussing topics within your Facebook wall, starting conversations and contributing to the community.

Social Media Marketing – Improve Conversion on Special Offers

If you’re running special offers or seasonal promotions, custom Facebook landing pages are great ways to improve your social media marketing.  You can turn your current followers on to a special and lure new followers into your sales funnel with an attractive, custom landing page every time they visit.

Custom pages don’t need to be landing pages either.  Many businesses create custom tabs or pages in Facebook that operate as a micro-site.  Instead of additional content on their website they use social media marketing to direct followers to the tab and encourage people to click over to check out a special offer.  This minimizes the site-hopping of customers, allowing them to remain in Facebook while viewing a promotion.

Improve Social Sharing with Social Media Marketing

As mentioned when you create offer pages and special landing pages in Facebook for social media marketing, your followers don’t have to travel to other sites to view those special offers.  This makes it far more likely that they will click a “like” button, share a special or talk about a promotion since they’re already online in that social network.

Maintain Brand Consistency in your Social Media Marketing

One of the most important benefits is the ability to maintain brand consistency.  Your colors, image, style, logo and site design all play a part in your brand image.  A simple Facebook wall doesn’t provide enough range for brand consistency.  If you create custom landing pages for your social media marketing however, you can ensure that no matter where your customers find you online – be it your site or a social network – they’ll recognize your brand immediately.

The costs for creating a custom Facebook page are minimal.  You can opt to hire a designer or use one of the dozens of free applications on the web for creating your own custom Facebook page.  Whatever you invest, rest assured that you have the potential to make a great return on your social media marketing investment.