Online Marketing – Tap the Power of Thank You

by | Dec 23, 2011

With Thanksgiving behind us by more than a month, how many of us have already forgotten the concept online marketing in tulsabehind that holiday?  Did it register enough to remind you to thank your customers for everything they’ve done to keep your business open?

Online marketing in Tulsa is just one small gear in a very large machine.  It’s important to focus on visibility but I’ve seen far too many business owners who put all of their effort into one project at a time, like online marketing, and neglect other important areas.

Like the customer.

There may only be a single day each year that is devoted to giving thanks, but expressing your thanks year round – and doing it will – is one of the most profitable strategies you can put into practice for your business.

Supplement Your Online Marketing in Tulsa with “Thank You”

Countless studies have shown us that when you say “Thank you” to customers, they spend more money and they are more likely to share with friends and colleagues about the top-of-the-line service they received.

Going beyond the sales aspect, there are volumes of research data that show how much employee productivity sky rockets when supervisors and management express appreciation.  When productivity is up, and sales improve, you raise your profit margin.

Vendors even go the extra mile to help you out, get deliveries in, and extend credit when they receive gratitude on a regular basis.  Not just in November.

Giving Thanks Reduced Dependency in Online Marketing in Tulsa

One of the best benefits to leveraging gratitude for better business is that you don’t have to turn toward traditional or online marketing in Tulsa as often, or rely on it as heavily.  You shouldn’t stop it, but you don’t have to try as hard in order to maintain business as usual.

Here are some of the most efficient ways you can leverage gratitude and connect with your customers, vendors and employees.

Be Specific – When you’re planning a strategy for online marketing in Tulsa, you have a specific call to action.  Your gratitude should come with the same strategy.  If you generalize, people won’t get it and it has far less impact.  Saying “I appreciate what you did today, thanks” is a soap bubble comment.  It’s pretty while it lasts, but it’s gone quickly.

If you’re specific, it lasts longer.  Call a regular customer out of the blue or send them a hand written later expressing your gratitude, and let them know “how much you appreciate their recent purchase of X.  It’s their patronage that keeps your business going.”  Show gratitude for specific activities.

Appreciate the Process – Online marketing in Tulsa is an involved process, with a connection and a long funnel of engagement.  When you express gratitude, you need to think in terms of engagement and how every result you’re thankful for came about because of an action or a process – just like closing a sale online.  Target your appreciation to what an employee or a vendor did.

If an employee handled an upset customer on the phone in an exceptional way, don’t thank them for helping you keep the customer.  That just looks like it’s benefiting you.  Show gratitude by telling them that you liked how they stuck with the customer, and that they were patient and respectful.  And thank them for that.

Remember Who Received Thanks – Keep in mind that it’s about them; it’s not about you as the manager or business owner.  Whether it’s face to face marketing or online marketing in Tulsa, I often tell customers that you have to give before you can receive.  That certainly applies here.  Give something to express gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement of the business – client/customer relationship.

The more intimate you make that gift, the stronger the bonds become.  If you have a customer who just became a grandfather, giving them a storybook to read to a child is a great way to show you pay attention.  If a customer, vendor or employee knows someone diagnoses with cancer, making a donation to the American Cancer Society shows that you care and understand their emotion.

This kind of intimacy breaks the traditional barriers and sends customer/employee/vendor relationships in a new direction, which always leads to better profits.

Go Old School in Saying Thanks – We may be in a world where online marketing is the new thing, and everything is going digital, but there’s a major benefit to going old-school with your Thanks.  I make it a point to keep a stack of cards and envelops so I can write thank you notes as the opportunities arise.  I also like to write thank you letters, detailing my gratitude.  A simple line, letting people know they could do business with others, but choose to do business with you, goes a long way toward solidifying a growing relationship.

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