Local Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

by | Aug 7, 2011

Local Internet Marketing

local internet marketingIf you’re the owner of a Tulsa small business, you’re most likely struggling with a decrease in customer desire for the goods or services that you offer as a result of the economic breakdown most areas have been struggling with the last couple of years. Actually, statistics reveal that small local companies like yours are earning 30% to 50% below what they were only a couple of years back.

A few of the small businesses experiencing this drop include:

  • local plumbers
  • dental practitioners
  • locksmiths
  • restaurants
  • cosmetic surgeons
  • accounting firms-carpet cleansers
  • companies
  • landscapers

Is Local Internet Marketing The Answer?

What’s the answer?  You guessed it.  Internet marketing.  We’re not saying it’s the end all to end all, but marketing has definitely changed over the years. You’ve got to either get on board or close up shop.

I predict, with this massive change in how consumers research, shop and buy the products and services the want, late adopters to Internet marketing won’t have a chance to rebound at all.

Yes. It’s that serious.

Yes, Internet marketing has become that revolutionary.

Think about how you personally shop.  Chances are if you’re lost, you whip out your cell phone and type or talk into Google maps, asking for directions.

Your customers both present and future do the same.  This is now the only way people shop now.  Well, okay… maybe not the only way. But I can’t remember the last time I opened a phone book. Can you?

I guarantee you if your ideal customers are under 30 years old they have not opened a phone book in a very long time. If your ideal customer is under 21 and you’re not using local internet marketing strategies you might as well be invisible to them.  They are looking online.

You need to be there.Click here to get your road map to local internet marketing success.