Internet Marketing – How to Move Customers to Action

by | Nov 21, 2011

How effective is your current marketing campaign at moving your customers to internet marketing in tulsaaction?  When you’re planning a marketing strategy, it’s assumed that you want customers engaged in your marketing efforts to immediately take action.  Whether that involved buying a product, ordering a service, opting in to a mail list or just traveling deeper into the sales funnel – a call to action is meant to create an immediate reaction.

You certainly don’t want your customers to take action tomorrow, a week from now or even when it’s convenient.

Internet marketing is an investment of both time and money.  If you want the best return then you need to craft a marketing strategy and message that creates a sense of urgency.  That’s the only way to get them to act immediately.

The key?

Don’t just limit yourself to suggesting they take action.  Demand it.  Your customers need to be told what to do, what to buy, why they need it and they need to be told to do it right now.  Motivate your customers to pry their butts off the couch and call you, come visit the store, visit the site, etc.  Here are three techniques to use in your internet marketing to get locals motivated.

Internet Marketing – Make the Best Use of Urgency

It doesn’t take much to create a sense of urgency in customers; you just need to use the right words.  Just be careful not to overload your marketing message with immediacy.  These are your finer “tools of war” so they should be used strategically within your headline and call to action.

One common mistake business owners make is overuse of exclamation marks.  This doesn’t create the same sense of emergency or excitement for the consumer that you feel when you write it – instead it just feels like a poorly crafted message.  Nothing is so exciting that it needs more than one or two exclamation marks within the entirety of the message.  Use powerful phrases for creating urgency instead.

  • Don’t Delay
  • Act Now
  • Call Now
  • Hurry
  • Act Today
  • Order Now

Internet Marketing – Using Time-Sensitive Offers

If you really want to motivate your local customers then tie together your urgent message with a time-sensitive offer.  When you create a deadline or specific time frame you appeal to the need, greed and hunger for consumers and their fears of missing a good deal.  This is great for short-term promotions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday shopping season.

While you may not intend to add a limited offer or time-sensitive promotion, you should review the marketing message and see if it could benefit from the use of this marketing strategy.  A few examples of time-sensitive quantifiers include

  • For a limited time only
  • While supplies last
  • Supplies limited
  • Limited time offer
  • Available to the first 20 orders
  • One-day sale

Internet Marketing – Make it Easy to Act

No matter how powerful your marketing message is, people are still busy.  Most are only online for a few minutes at a time, or they’re doing other things when they happen to spot your marketing.  Because you’re almost always interrupting another action, you need to make it extremely easy for people to act on your internet marketing in Tulsa.  A good call to action tells people exactly what they need to do in order to close the deal.  No guess work, no thousand-click-hunt.

E.g. – Instead of sending traffic from an ad campaign to your home page, send that traffic directly to the product page.  Make it easy for them to add it to their cart and click checkout.  If you limit the total clicks required for a completed sale to approximately 3 clicks you’re far more likely to close sales and convert those visitors to customers.

Keep these three tips in mind for your internet marketing in Tulsa and you’ll steadily see your sales climb during this holiday season.  Need more tips to gear up for Black Friday?  Check out these tips that apply to the Friday rush (and the rest of the holiday season) and start prepping your internet marketing in Tulsa today.


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