Internet Marketing – Do Away with Shortcuts

by | Dec 7, 2011

Broken down carTime is money when it comes to your business and every second is a little bit of money slipping out of your finger tips.  At least that’s what it feels like when you’re trying to jug internet marketing in Tulsa, accounting, HR, sales, inventory and more.  How long does it take to slip through Starbucks, or to send a text?  How often do we worry about web page load times?  We’re all looking for ways to be more efficient, to do things faster, to get things done quickly and grab more free time in our day.

What happens though when we get so focused on speed and time that we start blurring lines between streamlining the process for internet marketing in Tulsa and taking shortcuts in order to get things done?

I once worked with a client who had spent years developing a great list of contacts from new and existing customers.  He sent bi-weekly newsletters through constant contact and generated a nice return on his content marketing.  Then he got greedy, and felt like he wasn’t improving his revenue fast enough.  He decided to buy an email list of over 100,000 contacts and added those new people to his existing content marketing process.

What happened as a result?  Constant Contact received so many spam notifications that his account was disabled.  The company had no choice but to shut him down, and in doing so he completely lost his archived newsletters.  All that valuable content was gone.  He essentially hobbled his own SEO campaign.  Is that something you’re willing to take a risk on for your own internet marketing in Tulsa?

Internet Marketing in Tulsa – Beyond the ROI

When you narrow your vision to focus only on the ROI and the time spent on each process, it becomes easy to lose sight of the forest because of all the trees.  Purchasing emails for a campaign based on internet marketing in Tulsa might have seemed like a great way to branch out and build more leads, because it was the fastest and cheapest way to do it – but at what cost?

As business owners, we’re tempted each day to take shortcuts – especially when deadlines begin to loom.  What starts as a small shadow turns into a lot of customers nagging, partners clamoring and management coming down hard to produce something.  Unfortunately, we all know that SEO as part of a strategy for internet marketing in Tulsa cannot be rushed.  It has and always will be a long term process that is dependent on a number of factors… and most are outside of your control.

Internet Marketing in Tulsa – Tipping the Black Hat

When the concept of big results for a little bit of naughty play pops up, and there’s an opportunity for a little Black Hat SEO, the temptation can be at its highest.  You might be able to get a lot of links really fast to satisfy the need for such things – but where are those thousands of links coming from?  Likely spammy blog posts, spun articles, link exchanges or worse.  They are so low value that they provide very little “oomph” to your internet marketing in Tulsa.

Article spinning is another problem, and a big shortcut that people take.  Sending 1 article out to 50+ websites might be a fast way to build a lot of links but the recent Panda update has effectively squashed that type of trashy content marketing.  Besides, it takes just as much time to write a spammy article as it does to write a quality blog post.  So do the right thing and spend that time writing quality content for your internet marketing in Tulsa.

We all understand the need to perform, to get results and to make deadlines.  But, SEO and internet marketing doesn’t produce immediate results.  You cannot rush it, and you cannot benefit from taking shortcuts.  Avoid pigeonholing your focus and expectations, or you wind up missing the broad picture of everything internet marketing in Tulsa can offer.