How Consumers Are Spending Today

by | Aug 10, 2011

How Consumers Are Spending Today

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Today, most business owners are running lean and hungry. They have to get more customers in through the door.

Today’s business environment is in constant flux – specifically, the whole process of reaching your consumers cost-effectively is nothing like it was even a decade ago.

Understanding these changes and meeting the challenges they present is essential to the survival of your business. Nope. Thangs ain’t what they use to be, for sure.

 Consumers Spend More Time Online

Case in point: One local business was spending $8000 per month on Yellow Pages advertising that cost more than it was bringing in. It doesn’t take long before smart business people recognize this as fighting a losing battle, a big problem that needs to be fixed. So they stopped the ad. However, now they have an $8000 budget for marketing but don’t know what to do to get the best possible return on their marketing investment.

Because they don’t know local Internet marketing, they could easily pour those funds into online strategies that either fall flat or backfire. The learning curve is sharp and unforgiving.

But these entrepreneurs realize the Internet is the future. There’s almost 3 billion searches online for local businesses each month. Each year that number gets bigger by 50%.

Today, 80% of consumers look online before they buy anything.

Even more important, the vast majority of consumers look online for local services and products before they make a buying decision. Consumers prefer the Internet to the phone book. These are the facts. You know what this means don’t you?  If you’re a business owner you need to be online in a BIG WAY! Click here. We can help.