Call Your Customers, Clients and Patients To Action!

by | Jan 25, 2013

One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make when marketing their business is trying to duplicate the marketing practices of much larger companies. They want to ‘brand’ themselves by placing billboards all over town,

running TV and radio ads that hype their name or business with a catchy jingle and cleverly written ad copy that never seems to get around to telling their customers, clients or patients what they want them to do next. This my friend is wasteful advertising.

Chances are you don’t have money to throw away like this. In this economy, none of us do. In any economy, none of us do. Every single piece of marketing or advertising you create should have some sort of call to action in it. You have to tell folks what you want them to do next… Or they won’t do anything. They’ll say “Hmmmm…. Huh, that was cool.” and move on.

Every video you publish, Every radio spot you record, every flyer you create, ad you run, even billboards MUST have a clear Call to action or you’re wasting your money.

A clear call to action is telling your prospects “Go here to claim your FREE Initial screening”, “Call 123-4567 for 50% off your first cleaning – This week only”, “Mark your calendar to come by this Tuesday to enjoy our .99, 2 piece lunch special.” Popeye’s in Broken Arrow has this special, but I’ve yet to see anything other than a sign that says 2pcs. .99. How difficult would it be to ad “Put us on your calendar for Lunch on Tuesdays”, “Treat the office this Tuesday with our Tuesday Special”… Something!

Yes, I know… It’s fried, but I don’t see anything wrong with a little 2 pc. every now and then.

The point is. Call your customers, clients and patients to action. Tell then what you want them to do next or they will do nothing and your marketing dollars will be spent in vain.  got it? Great! Now,  Click Here To Learn The 4 Proven Marketing Systems That Will Ensure 25 Percent Growth Or More at Your Business In The Next 12 Months! See, that wasn’t so hard was it? 🙂

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Clarence Fisher