Why It Makes Dollars and Sense to Use PPC with Organic Search

by | Jan 10, 2015

There’s a song in the Broadway musical “Oklahoma” called “The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends.”

This is also true in search engine marketing, where that very same real estate that is vied for by both paid and organic marketing can work together for their common good.

There are a few subtle differences to be sure in their implementation, but also enough similarities to make this a strategy you’ll want to embrace.

The ability of SEO to drive large numbers of searchers, combined with the precision targeting afforded by PPC can work in synergy to produce an overall better performance.

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5 Reasons You Should Combine PPC and SEO

Get as much page one real estate as possible! – Obviously, having as many listings as you can on page one is the goal, and this can only help you dominate the traffic this page serves if your site is showing up all over the results.

In addition to that, this helps increase your brand authority.


Build brand exposure – The more times people come and see your brand the better for you. Additionally, your message is more likely to stay consistent and within your control when you are managing your entries on the paid as well as the organic side of things.

A net gain in total traffic – Many don’t take this approach as they feel it could cost them organic “free” traffic. Testing is showing however that in most every case there is a net gain in traffic, as the overall presence on the page results in more clicks. In addition to that, your PPC costs will obviously go down, as many will be clicking the organic results!

Better conversion rates – One astonishing benefit to this is that companies who are employing this approach are discovering their conversion rates soaring by as much as 200%. Apparently more clicks plus more authority equals better conversions. Who knew!

Improved keyword performance – The data gained from your page analytics and PPC campaigns are a most valuable tool for discerning keyword performance and opportunity.  Many times, advertisers want to implement a search engine optimization strategy without knowing what keywords they should be optimizing for. You should execute a PPC marketing campaign first.  This way you know for sure which of your keywords convert the best and will give ou the highest return on your search engine optimization efforts.

If you want to find out how your Adwords campaign is really doing, let us know. We’ll run a complimentary Adwords Audit for you and give you a report with suggestions to improve your campaigns.

Here’s the bonus video training on how to optimize your blog posts using the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin…

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