Who’s Marketing with Online Video Today?

by | Jul 12, 2011

Online Video Marketing

online video
It used to be just large companies that were using online video to grow their presence online. Today, video is something even many smaller businesses have found to be powerful. Using video presentations can give small businesses an advantage over their local and national competitors. Video can help them draw more visitors to their websites.

Why Online Video?

Why are people deciding to use online video marketing rather than banner or pop up ads to market what they have to offer?

Online video marketing allows you to create a more personal experience for potential prospects. If an individual is faced with a relevant video of someone conversing with them about or demonstrating how to use what they are looking to buy, they are very likely to keep watching. On the other hand, consumers today find banner and pop up ads to be annoying and will try to ignore them completely., right?!world. Many people don’t know this but Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. On some days Youtube gets more searches than Google.  That’s why Google bought Youtube.  If you can’t beat them, buy them, right?!

Online Video Builds Trust

Through videos you are able to develop rapport with the people viewing it. This will gain the viewer’s trust. People begin to feel more comfortable about doing business with a person they haven’t actually met. The more they learn from you on video, the easier it is for them to take action. It’s easier to walk into your store or go to your website and actually buying something if I feel like I already know you.

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