Want to Manage Your Reputation? – Post to Your Blog!

by | Sep 6, 2013

bloggingWhen your online reputation can take a debilitating hit in seconds, you must have a plan for making sure you not only can deal with it, but recover from any damage that’s been done, warranted or not. This is the essence of online reputation management.

What can you do to actively safeguard your online reputation?

The first line of defense for your business is not found through aggressive social media management, though it helps. The most effective way to insulate your business from the unwanted effects of social media is by posting new and relevant content using a company blog. Content marketing is the number one priority for online marketers in 2013, and it can carry great value when used for online reputation management.

Why posting to your company blog makes a difference

While regular postings to your company blog have a number of awesome benefits, we’ll focus here on why it’s important for your reputation management endeavors. The objective here is to dominate the search results for your brand or company name, so that when the occasional negative post occurs, it is so far down the results (past page 3 or 4) that it is effectively invisible. What you have working in your favor is that Google almost always views blog posts from your domain as more authoritative than a random tweet or other social media entry, and will rank them accordingly. When you have a MAJOR problem, you may need to take extra steps to make sure you don’t have any lasting problems. Posting to your company blog is preventive medicine!

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5 Blogging best practices to get started

  1. Post regularly! At least a couple of times a week. Before long you’ll have a good deal of content.
  2. Use keywords you wish to be found for, as well as your brand name.
  3. Make your postings relevant, timely and shareable!
  4. Integrate with your social media outlets. Link to your videos, Facebook page, and others.
  5. Be personable, not corporate. Be someone they want to believe in!

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