Using Press Releases To Tell the Story of Your Business

by | Apr 30, 2013

press releasesOnce Upon a Time: Press Releases Tell the Story of Your Business

Are you using the power of press releases to build your reputation in the business world, get highly-targeted web traffic, and create buzz about your company’s products and services? Even if you are publishing press releases on a regular basis, you won’t reap the full benefit unless people actually read your story.

An expertly crafted press release tells the story of your business in such a way that your customers are proud to do business with you, your competitors begin to quake in their boots a bit, and the search engines gain a newfound respect for you as an authority in your field. The best press releases compel people to read the story, and then take action.

So, how do you get your story out there? Here are some tips to help you publish like a pro.

Be a Journalist, Not a Salesperson

You have a fine line to walk here between telling “just the facts” and telling a newsworthy story. Features of a product or service, or details of an event are newsworthy, but dull. Benefits are too salesy. The goal is to tell the story in a way that is factual and journalistic, yet as fascinating as possible.

For example, a news story about a new social media website would likely draw a ho-hum response from most readers. However, add a human element, say, about two long-lost sisters who were separated by tragedy and then reunited through the website – that’s a compelling story.  Not every press release you create will have that level of magnetism, but it should be your goal.

 Tell the Story Behind the Story

Public relations masters write about the humanity behind a business to make press releases interesting.  People want to know the history behind the creation of the product or service. People want to know the true story behind a company’s existence. These stories make press releases interesting and read-worthy.

Publish Far, Wide, and Frequently

Your goal in publishing press releases is not necessarily to get your business featured on a local or national news channel. It’s more about making sure information that you control can be found hundreds and thousands of places online and offline. Search engines favor press releases because of their journalistic and no-hype nature.

Check Your Calendar

If you are not sure whether your business has anything going on that would be newsworthy enough to justify a press release, take a look at your calendar. There may be potentially powerful stories lurking in your upcoming events, plans, and meetings.

Because of the power and effectiveness of publishing press releases, your marketing calendar should include at least one press release per month. Keeping to that schedule is enough to ensure you out-publish your competitors, keep you search engine ranking climbing, and cement your position as a thought leader and viable business in your industry