Tulsa is Going Mobile – Is Your Small business Ready?

by | Mar 17, 2013

The web is going mobile, and it’s still not too late to jump aboard the mobile bandwagon and seize a piece of what is getting to be a rather large pie! Google reports that more than one half of all local searches are done on mobile devices of some sort. Folks are doing business on the go, browsing and price comparing on the way to shop. Now is the time to make sure your small business is aligned to take advantage of this mobile innovation.

Here are five easy ways to get this done!

  1. Get your site mobile ready – Ensuring that your site is viewable on any mobile device is a necessary first step. The emphasis here is on a fast loading site. It has been shown that you’ve got about five seconds for your site to load on a mobile device or your viewer is on their way elsewhere. Make sure your site loads quickly and accurately.
  2. Offering deals, coupons and incentives to readers – 29% of consumers indicate a readiness to download a coupon from their mobile device. Take them up on it! Presently, only 10% of shoppers have gotten a coupon from a local merchant, according to a poll from Mercator Advisory Group. It’s time for you to get out ahead of this trend and stake your claim!
  3. Utilizing inexpensive mobile ads – Mobile paid advertising remains relatively in its infancy, but there is a great deal of opportunity here. Costs are still very low, and you can get a lots of traffic to your site utilizing mobile ads.
  4. Create a loyalty program – Using a mobile platform to institute a loyalty program is an concept that is no longer just used by restaurants. You can make rabid fans by having a simple, easy to use digital loyalty card app that works entirely on their mobile device. A great way to reward regular customers.
  5. Utilize mobile email and SMS – Mobile email is being opened at a rate of 41%, and it’s on pace to surpass PC open rates by the end of 2013, reported by MarketingLand.com. SMS (texting) provides a whopping 95% open rate. These two stats by themselves should be enough to get you involved with the mobile side of marketing!