The World is Going Mobile, and That World is Flat!

by | Jul 3, 2013

Everything comes full circle, even web design. You might not have seen it yet, but there’s a brand new trend out there, and its name is flat web design. It’s capturing the industry, and the thing is it’s really been around since Microsoft unveiled it in 2006.

So what is it that makes a “flat” web design?

Flat design is basically a design devoid of drop shadows, gradients, and textures that have ruled web design for years now. Flat design employs brighter, solid colors and a good deal of white space”. Typography often figures prominently into flat design.

Why the rebellion from 3D to flat design?

The reason making the most sense is that designers find it more and more difficult to cram all the elements of a 3D design into a world full of mobile screens. The 4 inch limitations placed on this are making moving to a simpler, more compact and functional user experience right out of the gate. This joined with making pages load faster, and have far more responsiveness is key in a mobile world where seconds matter.

Trend or is flat web design here to stay?

It would be simple to dismiss this as merely another fad in web design, and leave it at that, However, with the next Apple operating system iOS7 rumored to be seeking a more flat design, can the rest of the web be far behind? Although it might easily turn into a fad, its simpleness and user-friendly functionality might help it to stick around longer than most.