Why Is It Important to Have a Reputation Management Policy?

by | Jul 6, 2016

Check out my helpful tips about developing a reputation management policy.

Google My Business provides a big clue into why it is important to have a reputation management policy. The platform offers business owners a place to set up a Google-friendly profile for their companies. It’s also the spot for consumers to find valuable data about various businesses they want or need to locate. But Google My Business also gives shoppers the opportunity to leave feedback about the company. That’s why it is important to have a reputation management policy.

Anybody Can Say Anything

Good and bad reviews should be treated as opportunities to improve your business. Customer feedback tells you what you’re doing right, and what areas of your company need some shoring up. But people seem to have an easier time remembering all the things that went wrong during a business transaction than all the elements that were right. And as we all know, there are people out there who simply live to complain.

Reputation management has to come into play when negative reviews start to trickle in. I’m not talking about arguing with negative reviewers online; rather, it’s about starting a conversation, offering recourse, and possibly asking for a second chance.

Develop a Reputation Management Policy

Decide who within your organization should be responsible for identifying negative reviews and addressing them patiently. Reaching out to unsatisfied customers is not a good job for someone with a short fuse! Authorize that person to offer a variety of items, such as a free entrée at your restaurant or a discount on a follow-up service at your auto shop, to help improve customer relations.

Still wondering why it is important to have a reputation management policy, or need help creating your reputation management plan? It all starts with your Google Local listing – click here for more information.