The Truth about How Referral Marketing Works

by | Jun 17, 2016

Want to know how referral marketing really works? Here are the facts you need.

Referral Marketing

Many business owners think they know how referral marketing works. A few satisfied customers tell their friends how wonderful your products are. Those people make purchases. They share their positive experiences with a few more friends, and so on. It’s great when things work out this way.

But what if you could put referral marketing to work? What if you could encourage more of your clients to give you more referrals? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your business doubled, solely based on referrals from your existing customers? Here’s what you need to do to make that happen.

Offer Incentive for Referrals

There’s nothing wrong with offering your happy customers a little perk in exchange for referring others to your company. In fact, this could be the nudge your current clients need to open up and share your products with their friends, family, or colleagues. Your incentive program could involve discounts, gift cards, or anything else that’s meaningful to your clients but also affordable for you.

Turn Customers into Promoters with a Referral Program

If you’re lucky enough to have a core of devoted repeat customers, then it’s time to put those folks to work for you. These people don’t need any training because they know your company inside and out. They might just need a little push to get them talking about you to people they care about. With your hardcore fans singing your praises all over the place, your sales numbers can only go up!

If you’re ready to utilize your newfound knowledge about how referral marketing works, we should talk.

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Clarence Fisher