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For many businesses, sales and marketing are delineated teams. Marketing is tasked with generating leads, while sales is responsible for qualifying leads and getting to the sale. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of dissension and opposition between the two teams, which impacts the success of both. Sales and marketing alignment is one of […]

TRANSCRIPTION: Hey, it’s Clarence and I’m coming to you from the home office today.  Today, I wanted to talk about reputation because it’s a big, big deal. You know, all of your customers, clients or patients, everybody has a megaphone nowadays.  And one of the things that people always ask is “How do I ethically […]

Keyword research is as old as SEO itself. Search engines use keywords to provide a list of relevant results to the searcher. As this SEO market expanded, Google brought in an advertising platform that gave businesses a chance to appear on search engine results pages for keywords. From there, Google offered a tool that enabled […]

Keywords, content, and SEO tend to be the focus when you’re trying to direct more traffic to your website. Images and image SEO are powerful tools for traffic as well. Unfortunately, many marketers aren’t using them to their fullest potential. Images are content too. They can be easy to forget though. In fact, images are […]

When you’re just starting a business, you need to work hard to gain traction. Over time, however, you may notice that you need to change your strategy to continue to grow your business. One of the most effective ways to boost conversions and generate more revenue is with a marketing funnel. This funnel is basically […]

Google is responsible for billions of internet searches each day. This includes well over 85 percent of the search engine market share. The ultimate goal of a marketer is to find their brand high in Google’s ranking. Without knowing the factors that Google considers in the ranking, however, it can be difficult to achieve this […]

When done correctly, a marketing campaign has the ability to resonate with the audience long after it’s out of the spotlight. Campaigns make brands memorable and influence the customer toward a certain action. They give brands personality and emotion. If you want a show-stopping campaign that can provide these results for your business, check out […]

Manipulation is the ability to change the behavior or perception of others in clever or unscrupulous ways. For many, the word has negative connotations. As such, the idea that manipulation can be used for marketing conjures up images of scare tactics and deception. While marketing involves some manipulation, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Done […]

With the increasing access to information on the internet, customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been. The competition is fierce. Customer trust has always been important for a brand’s growth and success, but this new environment makes it absolutely vital. In addition to nurturing lifelong customers that will consistently choose your brand over another, […]

While the industry is divided on the use of blockchain in general, thanks to cryptocurrency, there’s no question that it has plenty of promise in digital marketing. Though blockchain got most of its attention from Bitcoin, there’s much more to this technology than cryptocurrency. Blockchain provides a method of digital record-keeping that keeps a ledger […]