Online Holiday Marketing – Press Releases for the Holidays

by | Nov 7, 2011

Online Holiday Marketing with Cheer

The holiday season is a rush season filled with a ridiculous amount of stress for businesses.  On the consumer side of things, it’s online holiday marketingchaos and an adrenaline rush trying to grab up all the specials to complete the holiday shopping lists.  For business owners, it’s frustrating trying to stay visible amid all the super-offers and online holiday marketing from big box retailers.  There’s a lot you can do to crawl out from the bottom of the pile, starting with a press release to supplement your own online holiday  marketing.

Of course with everything on your plate to prep for the holidays you’re probably wondering why you should even bother writing and submitting a press release – how is that going to generate sales?  The concept of a press release might sound drab and dull but it can have a dramatic impact on your sales if you strategically work it into your online holiday marketing.

…not buying it?  Then read on!

The Benefits of a Press Release for Online Holiday Marketing

Above all else, press releases offer the benefit of increased traffic to your website whether you do it for online holiday marketing or not.  When you submit a press release it gets syndicated to hundreds (even thousands) of news sites, RSS feeds, blogs, trade publications and more around the web.  Thousands of people will read it, click the links and head over to your site based on what you put out in your release.

It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s gaining a lot of popularity.  The direct referral traffic isn’t the only benefit though.  Check out the other benefits of a press release for your online holiday marketing.

1. PR’s Boost Visibility for Online Holiday Marketing

Organic SEO can take a little time to show results but news dies off as fast as it happens and the search engines know it.  That’s why news tickers and news results get tossed onto Page 1 of Google.  That means when you publish a press release you’re getting page 1 results for your targeted key phrase within hours of publication.

If you’re doing a never-before-seen promo or community outreach for the holidays, this is a fantastic way to get the word out.

2. Online Holiday Marketing with a Press Release Builds Brand Awareness

If part of your internet marketing  involves a strategy for branding then a press release can certainly help.  You can get your brand name into the search results and into the faces of major and minor publications all around the area (and worldwide).  This is a great way to quickly associate your brand with a product or service people are searching for online.

3. Online Holiday Marketing + Press Release = SEO Boost

Most professional press release services provide you with a set number of links placed with your press release, all anchored to keywords of your choosing.  When you submit and syndicate that press release you build hundreds (even thousands) of backlinks for your site.  Target a specific new product in your online holiday marketing or a certain service in the area and you can get a lot more traffic this holiday season.  This is a great tactic for hot, new popular items that are just starting to gain steam with consumers.  That means low competition for you if you get a press release in fast enough.

4. Local Print Fodder with Press Release Submission

Local newspapers are often on the prowl for a good holiday story.  If you’re doing something new, unique and exciting then submit a press release.  You can submit it directly to local print publications as well as submitting it online.  You might catch the eye of a journalist in your area or industry that will want to write on your business, event, special offer, etc.  Yes, print publication can have a significant impact on your online holiday marketing.

The odds of breaking sales records because of a press release are pretty slim but there are still benefits to writing and submitting them.  If you want to get the best results then combine press release marketing with your normal online holiday marketing and watch the sales start to climb.