Mobile Marketing – How to Create a QR Code Promotion

by | Jan 26, 2012

Creating a QR code promotion is a lot simpler than you might think.  If you’re not familiar with using QR codes, check out our post here on the benefits of qr codes.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow when creating a promotion to improve your local business through mobile marketing with QR codes

1. Create the Landing Page for Mobile Marketing – Before you do anything else, you need to create a landing page that’s optimized for mobile customers.  That means it’s designed to be viewed on the small screen of a smart phone.  Keep it simply, with only a few form fields and minimal content.  Most people will find it frustrating to complete a lot of fields on a phone

2. Create your QR Code – Once your landing page is published and live, copy the URL into a free QR code generator.   You can  work with a design agency to have a QR code designed with custom images.  Use your URL to create the QR code.  That QR code image is unique to you, and there’s nothing else like in the world.  Perfect for your mobile marketing campaign.

3. Add the Code to Marketing Materials – Choose what marketing materials you want to use for your mobile marketing campaign.  This can be anything, though you want to put it in a clearly visible location where it’s easy for people to snap a pic of the QR code with their phone in order to connect.  A shirt, hat, table mat, flyer, box topper, etc.  A bad place would be on a billboard, the side of a vehicle or underpants.  Use common sense when you consider visibility.

4. Get the Word Out – For mobile marketing in Tulsa, you want to attract local attention to your campaign.  Get it in front of your customers but also let them know through other channels.  Send out your newsletter, post in social media and blog about it, etc.  The key here is to let as many people know about your promotion as possible.

5. Stretch your Promotion – Mobile marketing sometimes takes a little time to get it off the ground.  Remember to continue to promote it and keep the visibility high.  Find new ways to generate buzz and keep the promotion rolling until the dead line.