Internet Marketing – The Importance of Telling a Story

by | Sep 14, 2011

One of the biggest challenges a business owner faces with internet marketing is making a solid connection.  When you have a brick and mortar internet marketingbusiness you have the luxury of directly engaging your customers.  You can read their features, judge their attitude, detect their problems and in many cases sit down with them to reason out what they need.

Internet marketing is so far removed from that type of business that it’s virtually impossible to make a connection if you’re guessing at it.  One of the best ways then to engage your audience is to tell a story.

Put the puppets down… not that kind of a story.

Going Beyond the Job Description

You’re not just a business owner anymore.  When you reach into the world of internet marketing you become a publisher.  You’re sharing content in a variety of formats and that content has to be engaging, valuable, entertaining and a slew of other adjectives.  Instead of fighting with the right words on your site, your blog, your articles, etc. you should take the time to find the story behind it.

Sometimes a Plate is Just a Plate

And sometimes that plate is the perfect lead in to hook a customer for life.  When you’re developing content for your website, it’s part of your internet marketing strategy.  It’s optimized for SEO, it’s got SEO copywriting behind it for the purposes of conversion – it’s one piece to the puzzle.  But it also has to deliver something to the visitor that stuns them.  That forces a mental reboot of the pre-programmed shopping experience and makes them realize that you’re not just another shopping cart.

You’re something else.

And Sometimes a Cardboard Box is an Airplane

Consider a cardboard box.  How would you sell it on your website?  From a sales perspective you would probably think about the features of that particular box.

  • It’s sturdy
  • It’s made from recycled materials
  • It’s designed with two additional flaps for secure closure
  • It’s crush resistant

If someone is looking for a cardboard box, your description of the features might sell it. Probably not, though.  If you were to beef those features up, however, you might land yourself a lot more interest.  How about:

“The stellar Majuka 125 series of recycled cardboard box is designed to be sturdy and long lasting.  With additional flaps you can guarantee secure storage.  Not only can the Majuka 125 handle your personal and professional storage needs, it also doubles as an amazing airplane.  Fold out the flaps, hop in and cross your legs.  Bring your goggles because the crush resistant design guarantees hours of dog fighting.”

Storytelling, personality, and color within your internet marketing all help your potential customers realize that you’re not just another website shilling a product or a service.  They know there are people back their trying to entertain, to be different, to brand themselves in a way that’s human.  Remember that people don’t come to you because they want to be sold to.  Noone enjoys being sold to.  They do however enjoy being entertained, and above all else customers value human connection in a business.

When was the last time anyone told you how much they adore automated phone systems?

Take a look at your website content and ask yourself if you’re telling a story.  Can your visitors and prospects see the people behind your brand, or do they see just another cardboard box?

If you’re ready to snap on your goggles and take your website for a ride then contact us today.  At Tulsa Internet Marketing we’re all about making your brand shine on the web.