Internet Marketing- Are You Spotlighting Your Brand Online?

by | Oct 8, 2011

Where are you showcasing your brand?  Is it limited to just your website and a few social media pages?  Internet marketing is all about brand visibility and while it’s important to market for specific service and product related keywords you also want to retain some measure of control where your brand is concerned.

Internet Marketing- Going Beyond Focused Keyword Optimization

With your internet marketing you may very well be optimized for over 50 product and service keywords in your region, in the nation or even globally but what do people find online when they start searching for your name?  There are a lot of tools out there to help improve your brand visibility where you can provide your customers or audience with a bigger picture of who you are without cluttering up an about page.

A great way to showcase your brand through internet marketing is “”  The benefit to this external profile site is that it’s fully customizable and you can use it show people everything there is about you – from business to personal – when they want to research you or your brand.

A great about page should include a list of business sites, social media identities and other footprints that can lead interested members of your target audience to areas where they can learn more about you. does just that.  The big benefit here?  This is another page that can be found on Google when you optimize for your brand.  When you want to boost visibility with positive branding this is the way to go.  Internet marketing is all about strategy, and with this method you’re grabbing up a dominate share of that virtual real estate.

Will Multiple Pages Provide Results with Internet Marketing?

Having a well written and optimized “about” page on your personal, business or corporate website is a smart idea but from a marketing standpoint you’re not really getting the most reach.  When you consider that each page in the search results has up to 10 organic listings, your about page is only one page.  That leaves nine other pages where your brand name can surface, so as a business trying to maximize local exposure, it’s important to throw multiple pages in that can show for your brand.

When you don’t have tight control of your brand name, and you’re not leveraging pages optimized, you’re at the mercy of the web and your customers for what can appear there.  Reviews, blogs, news articles, social media references and more can all find their way in – good and bad.  Launch multiple pages for branding and you have more control over what shows on Google.

Controlling Your Brand with Internet Marketing

Can you ever really control your brand with internet marketing or anywhere else?  Not really.  What you do is present your brand to your audience, essentially passing it into their hands.  What they do with is it out of your control.  They can talk it up, talk it down, share it, tarnish, do nothing with it, etc.  As they share your branded pages, that visibility improves with social proof.  As they talk down your brand, those negative hits begin to show.

In the case of negative branding results, having various branded pages can keep those negative comments and reviews on the low end of search.

Whether you choose to use a service like, to make your own webpage, to focus on social media profiles, etc. it’s important to choose the platform that makes the most sense for your business.  If that means going after all of them then so be it.  Sometimes to get the most out of your internet marketing you’ve got to stretch your resources and push for visibility.

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