How to Write Persuasive Copy

by | Jun 30, 2013

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There may well be no more important task for a content provider than to make sure you are persuasive with your copy. Sounds simple, right? Till you’ve tried it, perhaps. There is a reason top copywriters get paid the big bucks. Never fear however. You needn’t break the budget to hire your local Shakespeare just yet. There are several basic aspects of copywriting with persuasion which will make a big difference, and best of all, you can learn them!

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4 Ways to write persuasive copy very time!

  1. Be certain that it’s scannable – We hear all the time how no one reads on the web anymore – they scan. This is sadly very true, since these are the cards we’ve been dealt, here are a few ways to ensure that your copy is read by the scanning surfer set on leaving your page. Use lots of white space, bullet points, sub-headlines, bolding and color, and compelling images to reel them in and hold their interest.
  2. Write conversationally – Write as though you’re chatting with a friend. No one wants a lecture. So no matter what the subject, and how technical it can appear, be sure you write as you talk. It truly helps in building the trust you are wanting to build with your reader, particularly if you are hoping to urge them to buy anything eventually.
  3. Structure to your end result – We all love to be told stories, and you can use this in your favor nearly every time. We process information most efficiently when the content is presented in a narrative stream, so don’t be shy about telling your story! Use a beginning, middle and end, lead inexorably to a climax, which is to get the reader to take whatever action you are requesting.
  4. Be sure to use a call to action – Don’t be timid about using a strong call to action in your writing. Many times this element is either missing entirely or so fuzzy that it may as well be! The truth is that if this is the situation, you’re likely disappointing and in all probability confusing the reader. Never write anything without having a strong call to action!

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