How to Use Facebook Marketing to Boost Your Business During the Holidays

by | Nov 9, 2016

Try these easy tips and learn how to use Facebook marketing for your company.

Hoping to maximize your profits this holiday season? Knowing how to use Facebook marketing could be your ticket to making Christmas bonuses happen this year. Check out these easy ways to boost your business with Facebook marketing during the holidays.

  • The first thing to do is beef up your Facebook business page. Double check the accuracy of your business hours and contact information. Update your images and correct any outdated verbiage.
  • Develop a system by which you can post to your Facebook page at least once a day. Add images of your new products, profile your staff members, share news stories your customers might be interested in, and create Facebook events when you have sales or specials going on.
  • Check out your competitors’ Facebook pages. What have they been posting about? Get a feel for the hot topics on their pages, and come up with a way to address those issues in a unique way over on your own page.
  • Run a few basic ads to try and grow your audience. Spending just a few ad bucks a day could bring hundreds or thousands of new followers to your page before the holiday season is over. Test a few different images and taglines to see what gets the best response rates.
  • Try selling your product on Facebook. Their ad tool is robust and allows you to choose an extremely specific audience. This helps ensure that your ad dollars are used efficiently to reach your target audience. Just make sure your e-commerce site is running smoothly before you start directing all that new traffic to it!

Could you use some more Facebook marketing tips? I’m here for you.