Realistically, How Much Should You Spend on Content Marketing?

by | Aug 3, 2016

Check out our pro tips on how to answer, “How much should you spend on content marketing?”

Are you at odds with your marketing director regarding how much should you spend on content marketing? Spending is always a prime area of contention within organizations of all types and sizes. While there is no magic dollar number that is appropriate for every business, it’s not uncommon to spend about a quarter of your overall marketing budget on content.

But you probably want a little more specific guidance than that, right? Check out these factors to consider when determining how much you should spend on content marketing:

  • Who is creating your content? The overall cost of creation will depend on who your writer is, whether he or she is in-house or outsourced, and how specialized their services are.
  • How specialized is your market? The harder it is to reach your ideal customers, the more you will likely need to spend on distribution.
  • How much money do you want to earn from your content
    Determine how many purchases it will take to meet that goal. Then, focus on maximizing your best-performing pieces of content to drive purchases even higher. This could mean boosting distribution or tasking your strongest writers with more pieces to publish.

Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated or Expensive

There are many reasons why businesses often have trouble coming up with enough high-quality, top-performing content. Few entrepreneurs have time in their tight schedules to bust out a blog a week, let alone one every day.

An online marketing professional can help you and your business answer the question “How much should you spend on content marketing?” Need help creating your content marketing budget and plan? Let’s talk. 

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