Business Blogging – Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing

by | Dec 15, 2011

So you want to save money by handling your own business blogging, but you’re coming into those business bloggingtraditional deadfalls that hold business owners at bay:

  • No time to write
  • Don’t know what to write
  • Don’t feel like you’re know how to write
  • Feel like you’re a bad writer

Writing valuable, compelling copy can be a challenge, if you let it be a challenge.  Just remember that you don’t have to have a college major in English and Journalism in order to write content and start business blogging.  Here are a few simple tips to improve your writing almost immediately.

Business Blogging Tips – Be Concise

Which would you rather read on your break; a short, 10 page eBook on how to market your business or a 280 page hardcover book about local marketing?  Tight, concise copy is ideal for readers when you’re writing copy for the web because most people are pressed for time.

Think about in simple terms:  The more you write, the less you hold the interest of the reader.  If you can’t say it simply, don’t say it at all.

Business Blogging Tips – Speak(Write) with Brevity

Don’t write short pieces (though that’s a smart tactic – see above) but you line length.  Break your sentence structures up.  People tend to read long sentences faster.  Fast reading isn’t what you want customers to do though, is it?  You want them to absorb it.  Short sentences force stops, and reinforce absorption of what has been read.

Business Blogging Tips – The Rule of Three

Three is one of those magic numbers, and it’s one to remember.  It’s been said through research that people can usually process up to 7 bits of information at once, but you can get far more into people with 3.  3 bullets, 3 steps, 3 tactics, 3 “how to” pieces.  Use the rule of three as often as you can.

You can get more reader interest, and you’ll improve their ability to retain what they read.  All that aside, it’s been proven that people just love lists.

Business Blogging Tips – Mind Your Tone

Most people have experienced a miscommunication via text, email, IM, etc.  It’s not easy to pick up tone when it comes to writing.  You might know your intention, but for your reader it’s about as clear as the mud on your boots.  They have to guess your tone, and if you don’t strive to make it clear then they could guess wrong.

And that just opens up a can of worms when you’re blogging in a conversational manner.

Business Blogging Tips – Talk About Sex, Food and Excitement

When people are sizing up situations, objects, other people, etc. there are subconscious thoughts going through their minds:  “Can I eat it? Will it kill me? Can I have sex with it?”.  If you want people to pay more attention to what you’re writing, then bring up one or more of those three (there it is again).

Business Blogging Tips – Break Up the Flow

It’s easy to get stuck in a flow while you’re writing and create long, chunky paragraphs.  That’s almost a challenge for a reader to sit through.  Don’t do that.  Limit the size of your paragraphs so they include three to five sentences – with a preference toward three.

You should also add bullets and subheadings to add white space and make the content easier to read.  Increase the font size, make it readable, and make it a pleasure to engage.

Business Blogging Tips – Stay on Course

This can be a tough one while you’re writing.  Business blogging isn’t easy and your mind can wander while you put content together.  We all do it, even me.  To help you stay on track, try building an outline that’s designed to flow outward from the main point of your piece.

If you’re still struggling with business blogging, don’t sweat it.  As a manager or business owner, you’ve got enough hats weighing you down.  Business blogging is just one more piece of the marketing puzzle that you can (and should) try to outsource.  If you’re interested in learning more about a business blogging strategy that will help you stand out online then contact us today at Tulsa Internet Marketing Services.


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