5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Profiles to Generate More Leads

by | Jun 21, 2020

No doubt, your business has some sort of social media presence. And, hopefully, you’re using it to rake in leads like nobody’s business. But if you’re struggling in the lead department, or if you just want more paying customers (always a good goal), you can implement the following 5 ways to optimize your social profiles to start generating more leads. Let’s get started!

#1 Link to Freebies

Take a look at your content, and pick your most intriguing ebook, video, blog article, or white paper. Then, add a link to that freebie in your social media bio. That way, if someone wants access to that valuable content, all they have to do is input their email address. Now you’ve got information that will allow you to grow the connection between business and prospect.

#2 Add Keywords

Your bio, even if it’s short and sweet, should contain relevant keywords for your industry. That way, when a potential customer conducts a Google search, your business’s social profile pops up. So, how do you know what keywords to weave into your bio?

You’ll want to search keywords that your competition is using and choose those that your customers would be likely to use for a search, but that also isn’t widely used (making them harder to compete for).

For example, if you run a floor covering business, you don’t want to choose simple keywords like “hardwood floors.” Obviously, there will be high competition for such a keyword. Instead, choose the city in which you do business and combine it with a longtail keyword that would be highly searchable, like this: “Nashville’s Best Professional Flooring Company.”

#3 Tag Your Location

Google Maps

If you want more local leads, you can get them with just a simple tag. Whenever you make a post, tag your location. These posts get higher engagement anyway, and this tag will help local potential customers find you. When you tag your location, you also organically filter out those who may be living halfway across the world and unable to take buy from you.


Of course, if you don’t have a brick and mortar store, you can still tag your location to increase awareness of your site in your community, but you should also make it clear that your product or service is available to virtually anyone!

#4 Include Good CTAs

It’s hard to get anywhere with a prospect if you don’t have a call to action. Imagine a potential customer scrolling through your profile, interested and ready to buy. But, then, they can’t seem to figure out how to follow through with the purchase or they’re interested in reading your blog, but they can’t find it.

Frustration is the last thing you want a customer to feel when it comes to your business, so include clear CTAs. Consider what the “next steps” are when it comes to engaging your leads and provide a CTA that will take them straight to it.

Each social media platform works a little bit differently when it comes to CTAs, but they’re all relatively easy to implement right away. Facebook allows you to add a CTA button to your page, Instagram allows you to add action buttons to your profile, LinkedIn offers some CTA options, and Twitter only allows you to add CTAs in your bio or posts (you can’t set up buttons like the other platforms).

#5 Include a Phone Number

Most of the action on your social profiles is now happening on smartphones, so one of the simplest ways to get a conversation started with your prospect is by including your phone number in your profile.

That almost seems too easy, right?!

Make sure it’s a number that is likely to get answered, has voicemail, and can receive text messages so you can capture leads in every way possible.

You’re Just Five Steps Away!

Implementing the methods listed above will help you optimize for more leads, so don’t wait! Put your social media profiles to work for your business.

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Clarence Fisher