5 Killer Tips for Mobile Marketing

by | Sep 23, 2011

Once upon a time, in an age ruled by dragons, mobile marketing was based solely on text message ads.  With the mobile marketing tulsasurge of new technology as more and more people embrace the smart phone, mobile marketing has transformed, with a range of free and low-cost services and products to help business owners easily jump into mobile marketing.

Keep in mind that your normal mobile ads can still be effective to a certain degree, but as technology changes they remain just a small part of a growing mobile marketing strategy for business owners.  Here are 5 great tips to consider as you plan your marketing strategy for the holiday season.

1. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

One of the most important aspects of designing a website is making sure it’s compatible with various browser technology.  That used to mean designing for the PC crowd.  Now you need to think about people browsing your site on smaller screens.  Make sure your website looks great and performs properly for mobile clients.  Test your mobile marketing on the most popular phones using current mobile browser technology.  This includes the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, the Blackberry and other leading phone providers.

If you can’t adjust your existing site to be completely mobile friendly, you still need to embrace mobile marketing.  Setup a secondary mini-site design and use it as a secondary entry point into your sales funnel.  Optimize it for Mobile technology to give yourself a better shot at grabbing local market share.

2. Remember Location Based Apps

Smartphones are GPS enabled by default, and that gives you a huge edge when it comes to mobile marketing.  If you optimize your content and embrace geo-targeted smartphone apps then you greatly improve your visibility online.  There are numerous free apps to help get your brand into the hands of smartphone users including Where, Google Places, Yelp, MerchantCircle and FourSquare just to name a few.

Visit these sites and either claim or add your business.  When your customers are searching for products and services they’ll be able to easily spot your local listing.

3. Build A Mobile App

A custom mobile app won’t work for every business, but your mobile marketing can benefit from it depending on your service.  It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as some can be developed through outsourced providers for anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on complexity.  The best part about mobile marketing with a custom app is you can interact with and engage your customers on a regular basis.  That interaction can provide personal rewards, bring traffic to your site, filter out promotions and get foot traffic into a brick and mortar location.

4. Use Quick Response Codes

QR codes are gaining steam in popularity right now.  You’ve likely seen them – they are those black and white squares that look like a small pixelated puzzle.  They’re on product packages, websites, posters, mailers, window clings and a variety of other marketing material.  The mystery of what’s behind the QR code often urges people to check into it and scan it with their smart phone.  This is a great mobile marketing tactic to get people into your sales funnel online – or a new mobile website you’ve launched.  The best part is that QR code scanning is tracked so, like the rest of your online marketing, you can track the progress and success of your campaign.

5. Publish Mobile Content

A lot of businesses are using content marketing to improve the relationships they have as they engage their audience.  Make sure the content you produce is mobile friendly.  If you’re writing eBooks for your audience, make it sharable in a universal format.  If you’re sending marketing emails, make sure the design is mobile-friendly.

More customers are pushing into the smartphone and tablet market, and annual sales of mobile devices has bypassed that of personal computers.  Part of the research for your internet and mobile marketing is knowing where you customers are at and adjusting accordingly.  If your customers have gone mobile, then it’s time to make the change and meet them there.

If you’re ready to take your mobile marketing to the next level then contact us today.  At Tulsa Internet Marketing, we can help you get your brand into the hands of your target audience so they find you before your competitors.

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