Which Metrics Don’t Matter – and Why!

by | Jul 5, 2013

metricsThe term “vanity metrics” has made its way into the marketing vocabulary lately, and for good reason. What a great many use to determine “results” can quite often be misleading and due to this, it’s worth examining some of the marketing metrics you could (and possibly should!) ignore.

Metrics you can safely ignore:

  • Likes, Followers and Connections – The one with the most followers wins, right? If only it were that easy. The truth is, more followers translate to a better bottom line only when you are actively engaging with them, and building a relationship leading to conversions. Merely having a huge number of likes or followers who don’t make the transition to customers is relatively pointless.
  • Comments – Again, with the objective being to raise conversion,  merely generating a blog post that titillates and fosters a large number of comments, but generates no leads, is a waste of a blog post. Make the reason they comment have something related to leading them further down the path toward conversion, say for example topical question.
  • Impressions – Mainly an advertising metric, the number of ad impressions is also useless for our purposes, as it does not reveal any measurable action. It tells you the number of times your ad displayed on a computer screen, not how it performs. Instead, check out click-thru rates and conversion rates.

More on this subject can be found at HubSpot.

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Those you should keep an eye on:

  • Shares – Having people share your content, emails and other media is a step in the right direction. This means not only is your content making an impact, but it’s also being passed around.
  • Social mentions, citations – Especially now that Google is integrating social signals (mentions) into the search algorithm, these can be most helpful. Not only will it help with search, but in addition authority as your content consistently gets shared.
  • Conversions – The holy grail, as they say. If all of your social media and content isn’t ultimately leading to conversions, you must take a look at it.

Read more about this at Mashable.

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