What Is Local SEO and How Can I Make It Work for My Business?

by | Jul 20, 2016

Now is the time to decide what local SEO is going to do to grow your company

Lots of entrepreneurs and marketers find themselves wondering, “What is local SEO, and how exactly does it work?” You may have heard that local SEO is a great way to bring in new local clients. But what is entailed in search engine optimization? Keep reading for the facts on local SEO, and how you can make it work for your company.

Simple Answer: Optimize Your Online Assets for Local Search Traffic

Local SEO boils down to a few key strategies. First, figure out the keywords and phrases people will likely use in search of your company or service. Put those keywords and phrases in strategic places in your website, social media, and online ads.

Second, create a Google My Business account for your company. Complete as fully and accurately as possible to help customers reach you when and where they need you. Set this up right, and many of your customers will have seamless access to your business right from the Google results page.


Third, leverage your social media platforms to engage your customers, clients or patients. Survey them to figure out how your products and services can solve their problems. Schedule events and promote them on social media. Make special offers that are available exclusively to your social media audience members. The opportunities for promotion on social media are virtually endless.

All These Action Steps Are Not So Simple

Getting all of these details nailed down takes up precious time. Knowing best practices is a great shortcut that can save you some time. But if you’re new to the local SEO game, or if you’re already swamped with work, local SEO might seem like nothing but another marketing pipe dream.

What is local SEO going to do to grow your business this year? If you’re ready to take action, we should talk.