Video Marketing – It’s Not as Scary As You Think

by | Oct 4, 2011

Video Marketing is getting a tough rap when it comes to content marketing.  It’s not just local though, there are tulsa video marketingplenty of people around the nation throwing some bad words around about video stating that it’s wrong, it’s hard, it can have a negative impact, that it’s not for Business to Business – it makes my forehead vein stick out and gets the eye-twitch going when I start to hear these things.

I know from the outside looking in, video can seem formidable but its bark is louder than its bite.  Just about any business owner could master video marketing if they try.

We’ve all played with a camcorder and made silly faces, hammed it up and cut loose while friends and family recorded us.  We did it without a second thought yet when it comes to video marketing for your business – everyone clams up.  Here’s why video marketing isn’t as scary as you might think it is.

1.Video Marketing isn’t About Perfection.

Nothing you do has to be perfect, it just needs to be real.  As a business owner we want to present the best image but you can’t always craft the perfect video marketing campaign worthy of some award.  With limited time and resources you don’t need to worry about Emmy-caliber videos gracing the hall of fame on YouTube.  You do need to focus on quality, but not on visual quality.

Pay close attention to the content you’re sharing in the video and make sure that your delivering something of value.  When the sun goes down and you turn off the monitor or lock your door, it’s not about winning awards for creativity.  It’s about listening to your customers, knowing their needs and delivering the solutions they’re looking for.

2. Your View Count Does Not Represent Success or Failure

You can’t be expected to get hundreds of thousands of views from your video marketing campaign.  We’re not all major successful brands with a wide-sweeping audience.  When your demographic is limited because of your service area, then 200 views or less could be a huge success.

The important thing to remember is that you can’t focus on getting video marketing to go viral.  You set the bar too high and set yourself up for failure.  If your video is properly optimized and you only get a handful of quality leads every few months then that video marketing campaign is still a success.

3. You Don’t Have to Tackle Video Marketing Alone

Since when do business owners have to be the lone gunman taking on the world?  You have employees, friends, colleagues and a world of people you can outsource to that can help you launch your video marketing campaign.  This is a team sport, and that’s the best way to find success.

If you don’t have the time, tools or experience to do video then look for a freelance video recording company or a marketing company that provides video marketing services.  There are a lot of simple programs out there for video editing but if you can’t figure them out then there are plenty of affordable companies out there who provide internet marketing – like us!

You can’t be expected to take college courses just to understand film and editing in order to market your business but you can’t be scared to jump in. Video marketing is one of those things you have to jump into and learn as you go.  Once you spend a little time in it and master the basics you’ll find your confidence and your Tulsa video marketing proofs and uploaded videos will only improve from there.