SEO – Stay Relevant with Content Curation

by | Jan 2, 2012

Rising in the SERPs with Content Curation

The battle to get your business to the top of the search engines with Tulsa SEO is fierce, and some industries are content curationcut-throat competitive with their strategies to stay on top.  It’s the sites with fresh, relevant content that win out in the end.

That might sound like an easy formula, but maintaining SEO performance is easier said than done.  Trying to regularly create, publish and promote valuable content can be a daunting task for some businesses.  That’s why content curation – pulling valuable content from other sources, is gaining popularity as a means of maintaining a high level of topically relevant, keyword rich content that supports your Tulsa SEO.

When business owners start to learn more about SEO, they naturally want to understand how generating content will boost their results.  This is where it’s important to remember that content alone doesn’t generate the results.  It’s the quality of the content and how it’s produced and published that delivers the results.

Benefits of Content Curation for your Business

That content generation is what causes a lot of business owners to lag though.  It’s already difficult finding the time to produce content, but having to develop the right strategy for it can be the deal breaker.  Here’s a list of ways that content curation will help you battle your way to the top of the search results.

Optimizing for Primary Keywords – The content you curate for your industry or topic is likely to already have industry specific, popular keywords relevant to the topic.  The quantity of references to those keywords across a variable range of content helps to boost your own local search standing.

Boost the Opportunity for Links – As readers and other people within your industry turn on to the content you share, they’re likely to share it through their social networks and link to it.  Those links begin to make you look like a trusted resource.  In addition to those editorial links, the sources where you curate the content may also link to you.

Increasing Update Frequency – Sites that curate content are updated more frequently than other sites who may only provide a blog a few times a month.  Search engines actively reward up-to-date sites by indexing them more frequently thanks to regular updates.

Identifying Trending Keywords – As a topic begins to mature, you’ll start to see keywords rise from the topic.  These newly popular keywords can help you recognize patterns which you can use to create targeted landing pages to maximize incoming traffic.



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