Internet Marketing – Avoid These Mobile Marketing Mistakes

by | Dec 21, 2011

mobile marketingHas your business picked up on all the mobile marketing hype and crazy stirs with m-commerce?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you caught the itch, because Google is pushing small business owners to launch mobile-ready websites and landing pages.  On top of that, they expect that more than 20% of purchases this holiday season – from Black Friday through the first two weeks of the New Year – will take place on mobile devices.  Yankee Group, a mobile research organization, predicts that global mobile transactions will amount to more than $250 billion in 2011

That’s a fair incentive to start rushing development on mobile marketing strategies.

Unfortunately when anything is rushed, mistakes happen.  When your business is involved, those mistakes can cost a lot of money to fix, or through wasted effort.  If you’re working on adding mobile marketing to your internet marketing in Tulsa for 2012, then keep these mistakes in mind.  They could cost you more than just money.

Mobile Marketing Mistakes – Building an App

It’s not the app development that is necessarily the issue, it’s the fact that not every business needs an app, or can make a valuable use for one.  Developing an app for mobile marketing can be costly, ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for development and design.  As a small business owner, do you have $10,000 to throw way on an app no one will use?

If you want to develop an app, do your research into the pain points of your customers.  Find out their concerns and see if there’s a way to make their experience and engagement with you more efficient and more enjoyable.  If an app can do that, go for it.  If you’re just trying to create a quirky app to get attention, keep walking.

Requiring Too Much Input

Most people do a great deal of surfing on their mobile devices, but just because they read and watch a lot doesn’t mean they want to be involved in heavy engagement.  Truly mobile customers have no desire to laboriously enter a lot of text.  Keep your mobile marketing experience as simple as possible.  Start with a QR code, as opposed to asking someone to go to a URL.

Streamline your Content

Bounce rates on mobile content are three times higher than on standard websites.  Mobile users have limited time and they don’t want to waste it.  Streamline your content so it’s easy to read, fast to process and a minimal waste of time.  Mobile users are in and out quickly, so respect their time on a mobile device.  You’ll see much higher conversion rates in your mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Mistakes – Not Tracking All the Data

Most people only look at clicks when they’re trying to determine the effectiveness of a campaign for mobile marketing.  There’s a lot more that you should be paying attention to with mobile marketing.  Analytics can reveal the user’s location, device, carrier and can let you know if your ads work better on certain devices, carriers or within a specific neighborhood.  Use all the data at your disposal effectively.

Funneling Mobile Users Improperly

If you use a QR Code to funnel traffic to your site, make sure it’s going to a relevant landing page.  Create a special page for every different QR Code you make.  Not only does this make your results easier to track, but you can create a landing page that is highly relevant to the audience you’re after.

For the best performance in your mobile marketing, create a mobile site that is more than just a mirror of your website on a smaller scale.  There’s a lot of new technology out there that can provide creative ways to connect with and engage your target audience.  You can guarantee that you have customers out there searching for products and information on their mobile devices.  What are you doing to get their attention?

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