Traditional Marketing vs Internet Marketing

by | Aug 8, 2011

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Internet Marketing!

It’s a fact. The advertising models that were solid and reliable for local companies to use just 5 years ago to reach their potential customers aren’t working any more. At least not as effectively.

This means phone book advertisements, newspapers and other kinds of hard copy advertising must be supplemented with a diverse type of Internet marketing small business owners can use.

Internet Marketing Businesses Can Use

Companies that are still using outdated types of advertising as their sole method for attracting new customers are throwing away thousand’s of dollars in ineffective marketing each month.  If you’re one of those folks, ask 10 people where their copy of the phone book is. 

Most won’t be able to tell you. Mine goes in the recycling bin the same day it shows up on my door step. 

What does that tell you about where your marketing dollars are going?

Internet Marketing Consumers Can Count On

When you implement local Internet marketing consumers can find details about the products and services they want from you online since that’s where they’re hanging out anyway.  If you want to get new clients each month, you need to have an excellent local online presence.  This doesn’t mean a lame website that a kid could put together either.

Today’s best converting websites are very well thought out, personable and informative.  They use a number of savvy local internet marketing techniques to be able to out sell their competitors. 

For instance, those who have websites that are not laced with profitable keywords and have very little backlinks are missing the boat and will never get page one ranking in search engine results.

It all comes down to two simple questions that you need to ask yourself. 

If your customers are looking for you online, shouldn’t you be there? 

Are you there?

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