Starbucks Reigns as Mobile Marketing Champ for 2011

by | Dec 6, 2011

starbucks mobile marketingStarbucks had been faced with several consecutive quarters of negative growth and rather than see the brand start to fall apart or run lean, Howard Schultz stepped back in to brew his own particular brand of strong coffee.  Now the company has recovered in a rubber-band snap that has Starbucks founder Howard Schultz celebrating record growth – growth that earned him a spot on Fortune magazine’s cover. According to Fortune, 2011 was the kind of year that tested leaders in business, and because of the amazing work he has done within his own company he has risen to the top.

So what happened to Starbucks?  Mobile Marketing.

It’s not at all out of line to blame that positive growth on a new mobile-focused marketing effort.  When Schultz stepped in, the company sharpened it’s focus by moving away from the typical mass-marketing many businesses utilize.  Instead they took more of a one-on-one approach that puts the customer at the center of their marketing efforts.  Their successful mobile marketing program created a dynamic blend of loyalty, incentives and commerce.

The most important part of their mobile marketing effort – from a wallet and payment perspective – is that Starbucks is now leveraging loyalty and incentives to drive business results.  That means embracing existing customers as much as (if not more than) new customer acquisition.  We’re way beyond mobile payment territory.

Ever have a craving for a Starbucks but you’re in a hurry and don’t want to sidetrack, not sure where to go, or you’re in unfamiliar territory on a business trip?  The new store finder application makes it easy for loyal customers to quickly find a Starbucks near them.  Going back to mobile payment, their new mobile marketing program allows customers to shop, search and make their purchases through payment gateways that require zero contact with a barista.

Is that all?  Hardly.  Starbucks has also integrated web, app, text messaging, out-of-home, display, location-based services, in-store and direct mail programs.  They’re approaching customers on every front with an innovative, personal approach that disconnects them from the cash register without disconnecting them from the quality experience of a good cup of Starbucks blend wake-up juice.

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