Mobile Marketing – Creative Ways to Use QR Codes

by | Sep 28, 2011

In the same way Facebook buttons and icons for social networking plunged into traditional marketing, the QR code for mobile marketing has made mobile marketingitself known in things like print media, product packaging, ads, checkout lines, movie posters, business cards and other marketing materials.  QR codes have even been popping up in common high-traffic tourist locations like Times Square.  The prolonged use of the QR code isn’t certain, but as of right now they seem to be the next big thing.  That gives you the opportunity to advantage of it for offline as well as internet marketing.

Mobile Marketing – What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a 2-D barcode that is scanned by reader applications with a smartphone.  Each code has its own function and depending on the type of code it may launch a website, engage a phone call, deliver a vCard, etc.  While QR Codes are constantly used in Japan they’ve only recently gained steam here in the United States. Given the new nature and the requirement of a smartphone with a camera, your reach can be limited however the benefits are powerful and allow you to market and hook your audience in a new way.

Mobile Marketing – Creative Ways to Use QR Codes

Because you can put a QR code anywhere, there is very little limitation to its use and function.  Think about the ways you engage your customers and how they make contact with your brand, service, product, etc.  This can give you some idea of how you can use the QY code to peak interest and get someone to snap an image of the barcode.  Here are a few examples:

Labeling – imagine a customer is sampling your product at a trade show.  As they look it over they note the QR code and take a look with their phone.  Rather than waiting in line or grabbing your attention to try to ask a range of questions, the code takes them to a special mobile landing page with a variety of FAQ you get during events like this, with a call to action at the end to place an order.  They’ve learned a great deal about your product and you haven’t even made personal contact yet.

Window Displays – Do you have a Click and Mortar business that does business both online and offline?  Internet marketing can help your off hours business but what about people who show up only to find you’re closed?  Rather than losing the customer, a QR code in the window could offer a “shop online now” experience.

Promotions – QR codes make it easy for customers to redeem discounts, promotions and giveaways.  If they scan the code they can get a special offer through an advertisement, an in-store display, etc.  Show the phone/ad on purchase or use the coupon code online to get the savings.  You can even add social sharing options like Facebook and Twitter to inspire them to share their discount with other people.

Whatever you do, remember that like any kind of offline or online internet marketing, you need to engage QR codes with a purpose.  Set trackable goals so you know whether or not the system is working for you.  Likewise, make sure your site can handle the mobile traffic.  That means optimizing content for mobile browsing so your content displays properly across different platforms (Windows phone, Android, iPhone, etc.).  It also needs to be said that you should always test your QR codes.

You really don’t want to run off a case of t-shirts, a run of 500 business cards or an expensive print campaign with broken QR codes.

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