Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2016

by | Nov 20, 2015

Lots of marketing experts can remember a time when no one knew what YouTube or Facebook even meant. Like all sites, they had to start from ground level and grow their popularity.

Snapchat is Blowing Up

Most marketers know the importance of social media giants and video sites like Facebook and YouTube. Needless to say, these sites were once simply unknown corners of the web. This was the case for Snapchat as well, but the site has swiftly increased to more than 100 million monthly active users. This means that all of these people can be contacted with real-time marketing, which can be huge in the advertising world. So Snapchat is a trend to watch for.

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Ad Blockers Will Make Life Difficult

There used to be a time when no one knew how to stop pop-up ads. The good news is, that time has come and gone. Presently there are tools which can block ads entirely. This does not mean that the fad of paid ads is over, but you will have to update your marketing strategy to ensure that your content provides real value.

Mobile Will Not Be Valuable, It’ll Be Essential

Those in retail already have identified that mobile marketing is crucial to their strategies, but marketers in other industries have been slower to come around. Well, it’s make or break time for all industries. Nearly 2/3 of Americans now own smartphones, and 10 percent actually access the internet solely on these devices. The future is now, so do not be the one left in the past.

Staying up to date with all trends is essential when running a business. Ensure you stay on top by listening to the marketing world.

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