How to Get Better Conversions with Improved Calls to Action

by | Oct 16, 2015

After creating that wonderful offer that is flat out sure to get your business to the next level, you set your sales page and other selling materials such as emails, landing pages, thank you pages and more.

Then you send it out, and it falls flat.

So what happened? Was it the copy’s fault, is the price too high, or is your color scheme all wrong?

Well one of the things that for sure didn’t happen is a lot of A/B testing on the various elements of your offer. And even though some of these could be the culprit, odds are the answer is found in a much simpler solution: Your calls to action.

How to Create a Killer Call to Action

It is a truism that regarding calls to action the most important aspect is to make sure that you specifically tell your reader precisely what they need to do next. Leaving it up to them rarely results in what you are seeking.

Be direct, and use clear language, no matter what action you are asking them to take, from a free download to a sales button.

Create a Sense of Urgency

People who are even mildly curious about something will become more so when there is a sense that they may lose out on it. So while not wanting to create a false sense of urgency, it’s perfectly fine to mention that there are limited quantities, if the price promotion is only for a short time and so on. The goal is getting them to act sooner rather than later.

Tips for Creating Awesome Calls to Action

  1. Placing a call to action above the fold in the webpage is a sound idea
  2. Using numbers in creative ways works
  3. Contrast your colors to make your offer pop off the page
  4. Use several calls to action on your page
  5. Use emotional words in your headlines and copy
  6. Emphasize benefits; not features

If maximum conversions is your goal, (and why wouldn’t it be?) take the time and effort to create a call to action that is worthy of your product. Test your offers constantly to find the best possible combination of elements. You’ll be glad you took the time!

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