Getting into Cross-Channel Promotion

by | Oct 23, 2015

You may have heard the term cross-channel promotion tossed around, and were wondering what exactly it is and how can it benefit your business.

In a nutshell, cross-channel promotion is basically having an integrated plan for marketing to your audience regardless of which platform they happen to utilize most. These days content is found on blogs, websites, videos, audios, imagery and more, and it’s your job to develop a cohesive plan to reach your audience where it hangs out, and hopefully converts.

What channels does your audience frequent?

It’s clearly important to have business intelligence that enables you to anticipate where your audience is and how it can be found. Another vital element is the conversion factor. Some platforms convert very well, (Pinterest for example) while others are better as a conduit leading to your content.

Still other channels have wildly different demographics. Integrating an Instagram lead with your LinkedIn crowd would not make a lot of sense, given the age and focus of each audience.

Map out your content strategy from there

There are a variety of ways to implement this kind of promotion, and the choices will depend a great deal on what types of content you are comfortable creating and disseminating. Some types that work well include:

– Search engine optimization
– Search engine marketing
– Email marketing
– Social media
– Videos
– Events
– Speaking engagements
– Websites
– Blogs
– eBooks
– White papers
– Special reports
– Presentations
– Press releases
– Webinars
– Print

Use as many as make sense for your business as a way to widen the reach and overall exposure your content gets.

Then simply execute the plan

This is the part where many falter, in the actual execution of the plan. This presupposes you have a plan, which is an absolute necessity in an endeavor like this. There are many moving parts that need to coordinate with each other, and good intentions fall short when there is no cohesive, step-by-step roadmap for your team to follow.

Taking advantage of cross-channel promotion is a great way to send your content to an audience that may have never seen it, through the power of social media and sharing. Get your content working as hard as you do!

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