There’s No Crying In Fantasy Football

by | Aug 18, 2014

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What a weekend! Saturday afternoon I joined Men of Vision founder Bill Cottam, and fitness expert and Fitness Together owner Michael Watkins for an hour of mayhem on The KRMG Man Show.

The topic of the day was fantasy football.

I don’t know ANYTHING about fantasy football. In fact, I know so little about fantasy football that, at one point, I asked if there was such a thing as fantasy marching band. “Maybe we could all play that instead?”

To my dismay, there is no such thing as fantasy marching band, nor, I was assured, would anyone want to play if there was. Talk about raining on my parade…(pun intended)

It was a fun time, though. You can hear the recording here as soon as KRMG has it uploaded today. Then…

I Got Phone Jacked!

After the show, I rested for a couple of hours then headed to my next scheduled event; a back yard barbecue/supporter meeting for The Journey Training, an experiential personal development training program that I am working with.

There were at least 50 of us there. It was good food and catching up with friends. About 10 pm I heard “Party’s over!” and saw everyone being corralled towards the front door so I made my rounds to say goodbye and headed out the door myself.

After getting to my truck, I realized I didn’t have my phone on me.

Ahh, I must have left it sitting on the sectional, where I was talking with Bill and… ARTHUR GREENO!

Aaaaaargh!!!!! Does Arthur have my phone?!


I slammed the truck into park, jumped out and ran towards the front door, clawing my way through the sea of exiting (snickering) people.  It was all happening in slow motion just like in the movies, and yes, Arthur was holding my phone.

“Noooooooooooo!!!!”, I screamed (in slow motion). “Drop. The phone!”

Now, this really sounded funny because the whole ordeal was taking place in an Oklahoma State Troopers home.

He ran. I chased. I caught him!.. but it was too late.

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Ha! That’s what friends are for. (Shout out to Dionne Warwick). I’m surprised this is the first time it’s ever happened. I leave that thing EVERYWHERE!

Well, I hope your weekend was fun and exciting as well.

I’d really like to hear about it. Tell me about it below! Also, if we’re not friends on Facebook, we should be. Click here to become friends with me.

Just remember, if something really weird shows up on my timeline, I probably got phone jacked!

🙂 Have an AWESOME week!



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