Do You Need A Break From Your Business?

by | May 2, 2013

Is It Time to Blink?

As business owners, we run hard. We do it all, all too often. We rarely power down completely. There’s just too much weighing on our shoulders, too much responsibility between meeting payroll, reaching goals, compliance costs and hassles – and laying it down for a time seems impossible. Worse, there’s a low-grade fear that if we do take a break, we’ll never muster the vim and vigor it takes to keep going at the break-neck speeds we usually maintain.

If you remember back to your school days, there was this thing called summer vacation – the couple of months where somehow, magically, your complete boredom and disdain for your studies and everything school-related transformed into an odd eagerness to get back into that routine. Leaving the school property that last day of the semester bedraggled by all-nighters cramming to pass some class you knew you would never use in real life, you would hardly recognize yourself after a few weeks of disconnection. You were practically excited to get back to it. You knew the thrill of fresh notebook paper and new clothes would wear off soon, but still you felt it.

In your business, taking a vacation seems like an impossibility. But it might be the best possible way to revive your enthusiasm, your fondness for your team, your freshness in making decisions, your perspective on what matters most. Even if you don’t completely unplug, even if it’s only for a few days, even if your beach reading books come from the business section of Amazon, you can still derive many of the benefits of a vacation just by getting away for a change of schedule and scenery. Your mind may solve problems in the background as you rest and recharge, ‘suddenly’ providing solutions, tweaks, and major shifts you could not spare bandwidth to process consciously in the confines of your normal work routine.

It’s not too late to plan this kind of break for yourself for this summer. When you come back renewed and raring to go, you’ll be glad you went.

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