Content Marketing – How To Become a Top Content Publisher

by | Jan 17, 2012

At the core of your Tulsa SEO strategy there should be a content marketing plan.  Content marketing provides you with the method to directly engage your audience, educate them, start a conversation, build credibility, improve branding and visibility, dominate search results with broad content… and the list goes on.  It’s one of the most effective tools for building an online presence for your business.

But it’s useless if people don’t see it.

The goal is to get your content in the top of the search results and shared by masses of people for maximum effect.  That won’t happen with most of your content.  It’s more likely to get ignored, missed and forgotten.  If you want to avoid that fate, here are three paths you can follow to improve your content marketing.

Priority 1 – Find a Question that No One Has Answered

Find questions that have yet to be addressed and provide the answer.  The problem with most blogs on the web is that the information can be found in a lot of other places.  It’s like two burger joints next door to each other selling a double cheeseburger.  What incentive do you have to choose one over the other?

Here are some ways you can top your competitors when you’re sharing content relevant to your industry:

Be Thorough – Go after the topics that other people have done, but do it better and provide a better answer.  That takes more time and effort, but the payoff is worth it when you become the authority.

Be Timely – There are often times a question has already been addressed, but it’s been a while since that question was asked.  Here is your opportunity to address the questions with a more up-to-date answer in light of new technology or advances in your industry.

The alternative of course is to write something that people haven’t written before.  It might be hard to come up with an idea out of the blue, but if you pay attention while you’re hunting for information and listening to your customers you’ll turn over topics regularly.

Priority 2 – Be Provocative

Nothing brings you more page views and the potential for back links than a great, provocative piece of content.  Often, it’s the title that sways a lot of people and urges them to check out the read.  That early mass of traffic and links can keep a piece of content floating at the top of the search results for a long time.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and be controversial.  Everyone in your industry is playing it safe, and they’re not getting any attention that way.  Just avoid pretending to hold a view just for the sake of traffic.  Don’t be argumentative just for the sake of being argumentative.

Priority 3 – Write a Series of Posts

With business blogging, a series is a great way to dig into a topic that needs a lot of attention.  Note early where I mentioned going into more detail than others.  A two or three part series over your blog can really let you tear into the meat of a topic without packing it into a 2000 word blog post.

A series also brings in a nice return audience as they come back to get the next post.  It’s also a great way to get people to subscribe to your blog, because a reader will want an update on what that next post comes down the pipe.

Lastly, that series provides you with a way to do internal linking easily – you’re linking back and forth between blog posts.  The bigger the series, the more links you’re generating.