8 Easy Ways to Inject Life into Your Facebook Page

by | Feb 28, 2013

facebook pageEasy Ways to Inject Life into Your Facebook Page

Wondering the best ways to boost your Facebook page quickly and easily? There are several ways to make this happen, but to get you off to a flying start we’ll limit ourselves to just eight for now.

These methods will not only help you to get more visibility in Google, but in addition lay the foundation for better customer relationships that result in greater loyalty, which has obvious and numerous benefits.

  1. Make a Commitment – Facebook takes some time and thought. Many are the marketers who’ve wanted to use a Facebook page for their business, and shortly abandoned it, which also says something about your company. Make a commitment to post and be involved frequently, or it may be counter-productive!
  2. Lose the Facebook-generated URL – Make sure you get a custom URL for your Facebook page. This will help greatly with search engine optimization (SEO)  or for anyone looking for you.
  3. Don’t Repeat Your Tweets – Twitter is fantastic, but don’t make us live through things twice. Be unique in what you post on your Facebook page. Your extra effort will be rewarded.
  4. Keep Updates Short and Sweet – Short is in these days. Short content, short videos, short stacks. (No wait, that was breakfast …) There’s a place for longer posts, but generally aim to keep them relatively short – less than 150 characters.
  5. Deliver Lots of Awesome Content – Creating content that folks can use and are talking about will always be the #1 mission for your page.
  6. Engage with Your Audience – Encourage discussion, post great photos and shareable content, hold contests, ask questions, anything to get the conversation going!
  7. Be Responsive to Problems – Take anyone who complains seriously, and be proactive responding to anyone who asks questions. It is possible to head off a lot of problems this way.
  8. Post Photos – According to Facebook, posts which include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement than text-only posts, respectively.

Using these tips will give you a great jump start toward making your Facebook page a subject of conversation!

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