5 Tips to Help with Your Small Business Mobile Marketing

by | Oct 6, 2013

mobile marketingThe age of looking at mobile marketing as just a “fad” or the “next big thing” is over. It’s here, it’s big, and it’s only going to get bigger. A freshly released survey by the Web.com group found that some 69 percent of those surveyed stated that they thought that mobile marketing is going to be crucial to their business in the next five years, yet most of those had not yet implemented it. With 84 percent of those using mobile marketing reporting a gain due to mobile, there isn’t any excuse for falling further behind!

5 Ways to implement mobile marketing in your small business

  • Mobilize your website and social media pages – Ensuring that your website and any significant social media pages, such as your Facebook business page, are optimized for mobile is a must. Keep in mind that mobile versions of your content need to be Spartan in size, images smaller, and textual content more brief and concise, so as not to lose the busy mobile browser.
  • Be sure to claim and optimize local listings – It’s not enough to merely have a listing on entities like Google local, Yelp or other local directories, you must make those listings work for you! Keep your info up-to-date, and revise frequently with new promotions and news.
  • Have you optimized your email for mobile? – eConsultancy reports that 41 percent of email is now viewed on a smartphone or tablet, and of that number, a full 63 percent close or delete emails that aren’t mobile optimized. Make sure to use an email optimized layout, preferably one-column, and a font size of no larger than a 14 for small-screen readers.
  • Employ analytics – How can you know if your mobile marketing is paying off? With the use of an analytics program, such as Google Analytics. Utilizing the segmenting and referral tracking within Analytics, whereby you can track smartphone and tablet visitors and analyze their onsite behavior, you can determine how you’re campaigns are performing.
  • Offer irresistible deals – Everyone loves a deal, and mobile shoppers are some of the most voracious. Moreover, they’re out and about NOW, and you can attract them with timely offers and coupons.

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