3 Tips for Marketing Local Businesses on Television

by | Aug 25, 2017

Many marketers will say that television commercials are outdated. Indeed, 2017 is the year that experts predict digital marketing spending will outpace television advertisements.

Of course, this doesn’t make it a waste of money. Depending on your targeted demographic, televised ads could remain profitable. If you fall into this group, here are a few tips to improve your television marketing.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Price

Have you ever been watching local commercials at a comfortable volume and then, out of nowhere, you’re blasted by the high volume of a different commercial? That’s because the business erred too far on the side of frugality.

If you’re going to create a TV ad, do it right. Use an actual production team, or your company might end up looking unprofessional.

  1. Don’t Settle for Any Old Time Slot

Whenever a local business puts an ad on TV, they must choose which timeslot to use. Oftentimes, they go for the cheapest, but this isn’t an effective way to get the most for your money. Base your timeslot decision on your target demographic.

If you’re selling a children’s product, choose a late-afternoon timeslot so they’ll be out of school. Going after senior citizens? It can’t hurt to pick a slot during The Price is Right or other daytime shows. 

  1. Make the Content Appealing

Like any other form of content, your television commercials must be appealing. Unlike blogs and webinars, the commercial doesn’t have to be super informative. It just needs to get people’s attention.

Studies have shown that humor, jingles and catchy taglines are memorable, but your chosen content can vary dependent on your industry. In essence, just don’t put out a commercial simply to say you did so.

Television ads might not be as popular as they once were, but just like direct mailers and newspaper ads, they aren’t quite dead yet. If your demographic can be reached effectively using TV commercials, following these tips is a great start on the path to success.